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Councillor Chris Craig (CC) – Chairman

Councillor Paul Shipman (PS) - Vice Chairman

Councillor Julie Thomas (JT)

District Councillor Victor Pritchard

Clerk: Vesela Ilieva


The Chairman Chris Craig opened the meeting and signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.


1.     To receive and accept apologies for absence

Councillor Simon Wood (SW) due to family commitments

Councillor Bradley Freeman (BF) due to family commitments


2.     Receive comments from the public

      There were no members of the public attending the meeting.


3.     Receive declarations of interest in the agenda

There were no declarations of interests in the items on the agenda.


4.     To approve and sign the minutes of the previous meetings

It was proposed and seconded the minutes of 10th January Parish Council meeting be approved and signed. All in favour.


5.     Clerk’s report

The clerk reported on the progress of the ILCA qualification and sought approval once the level 2 is completed to progress with the preparation courses for the level 3 CiLCA, which have been budgeted for.

All agreed.

6.     Finance and Payments

1.     Update from finance working party.

The Finance Working Party had met in December and on the base of the clerk’s performance and the formal appraisal, it has been proposed and seconded the parish council award 10% pay rise to the clerk for 2022/2023 financial year. All voted in favour.

2.     To review the updated Financial Regulation to include the introduction of the Multipay Bank Card.

The Finance Working Party has reviewed the Financial Regulations of the parish council. It was proposed and seconded the Parish Council adopt the revised regulations to include the use of the corporate Multipay bank card. All in favour.


3.     To agree the following payments for February.

It was proposed and seconded the following payments for February are approved. All voted in favour.


Payment Authorised by




VAT Reclaim

Payee and Description



Total £161.39





MultiPay Card Direct Debit February to include:

Zoom – monthly fee Jan-Feb
ILCA Qualification Fee

Card monthly fee Feb





Vesela Ilieva – February 2022 Salary





School Room March 21- Feb 22


7.     To consider the quotes received for a new website. To agree further actions.

The councillors have considered the four quotes they have received. It was noted that they all are very similar in total price but include different items. The clerk to fill the information in the spreadsheet and present to the council at the next parish council meeting.


8.     Highways

1.     Highways Infrastructure report. – The Highways working party to prepare an

infrastructure report for the next meeting. Also to look at the road markings and road signs. It was reported that the interactive sign at the entrance from Ubley is not working and needs to be reported to B&NES.

2.     Community Speed Watch Scheme – It was proposed and seconded to agree the

cost £48.50 for printing of the flyers to inform and seek volunteers. All in favour.

The Highways Working Party to explore the options regarding the possibilities of 20MPH in the village, or on the side roads.

3.     Toad signs – An update on the proposed toad signs have been received, under

which the council discussed the option of two toads warning signs to be added to the existent poles with signs on both ends of the pond. It was proposed and seconded the council authorise the total spending of £600 to purchase and fix both signs. All voted in favour.


9.     To receive an update regarding the current vacancy

There was no interest expressed in the current vacancies.


10.  Coombe View Report

The plans for Coombe View have been circulated and consulted on over the past 6 months and all the feedback has been positive. The working group have already planted 6 trees in memory of previous residents of Compton Martin. In order to move forward on Coombe View project planting needs to take place in the spring but drainage work need to be completed beforehand. Councillors agreed that once three quotes for the drainage work have been obtained, extraordinary meeting of the parish council will have to be called to choose a contractor before 14 March parish council meeting.


11.  The Pond – The information signage project to be placed by the pond is in progress.


12.  Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). CIL will be the main focus of the Annual

Parish Meeting on 6th April (the date to be agreed at item 16).  Coombe View project will be used as a model CIL project, which will allow feedback and chance to clarify how the CIL works in a live Q&A session.

·                 Informational Leaflet will be provided to all parishioners before the meeting.

·                 ‘The Field Project’ Village Hall request for funding.

A letter from The Village Hall Committee request to be considered for any potential CIL funding have been received. The clerk to write back to the Committee explaining that the application process will commence in the next few months and also that the parish council will be happy to consider any projects brought forward and work on them together.


13.  The Queen’s Jubilee. It was agreed that Councillor Paul Shipman will coordinate the

organization of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebration in the village. It was proposed and seconded that the parish council sets a nominal budget of £250 expenditure as a starting point contribution under the power to provide entertainment LGA 1972 s.145.


14.  To receive further updates regarding:

1.     Village Hall Committee - Planting of tree in Memory of Chris and Rosemary Preston.

            It was proposed and seconded the parish council approve the planting of the oak tree as proposed by the family of Chris and Rosemary Preston, also approved by the Village Hall
            Committee. All in favour.

2.     The Climate and Nature Emergency Group.
No update for this meeting

3.     Parish Councils Airport Association.

            The Appeal of Bristol Airport to the decision of North Somerset Council to refuse the planning permission to extend the airport has won the case.

4.     Mendip Orchard.
No update for this meeting.


15.  Correspondence

1.     Parking by the Pond.

The parish council wasn’t aware of any parking issues before receiving the email from the Church secretary regarding the parking issues raised with them. The clerk to write back to the church and suggest they approach the Village Hall and ask if they can offer car parking, as there is a footpath leading to the Church.

2.     Village name stones and graffiti on the speed sign.

The official Compton Martin signs engraved on stones are responsibility of the parish council, therefore now the issue is raised the council will look at them and clean/paint if needed. The speed signs will be checked and included in the highways report for the next meeting.


16.  Parish Council Meeting Calendar for 2022/2023 - It was proposed and seconded The

Annual Parish Meeting to take place on 6th April. All agreed. The Annual Parish Council Meeting will be considered at the March meeting together with the rest of the calendar of meetings for 2022/2023.


17.  To consider and comment on the following B&NES Planning Decisions received:

20.3. Application Reference: 21/04879/FUL; Parcel 7568, Highfield Lane, Compton   Martin

Erection of a stable with feed store and change of use of land from agricultural to mixed equine and agriculture. PENDING CONSIDERATION

20.5. Application Reference: 21/03575/FUL; Chew Valley Hire, Woodwick Farm, Bristol Road, Compton Martin, BS40 6NQ; Erection of a permanent Rural Workers Dwelling following the removal of the existing temporary mobile home and stables. PERMIT

21.1. Application Reference21/05483/FUL; Huckleberry, Undertown Lane, Compton Martin, Bristol, BS40 6ND; Pop-up ceiling vaults with roof lights, new garden door, replacement of all existing windows and bigger garden-facing windows, new pergola, new garden studio in place of existing pergola and internal rearrangements. PERMIT

20.2. Application Reference21/05433/FUL; The Beeches, The Batch, Compton Martin, Bristol, BS40 6JB; Erection of double-storey side and rear extension. PERMIT


18.  To receive a report from the Planning Working Party and consider their   recommendations regarding the following Planning Applications.

No Planning Applications to be considered on this meeting

19.  Update from District Councillor Victor Pritchard

·       B&NES budget.

·       Public transport.

·       Chew Valley Recreational trail.

·       Bristol Airport Appeal.


20.   Date of the next Parish Council Meeting  


                         14 March 2022 – Village Hall Compton Martin