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April 26 2017
April 26 2017 Annual Parish Meeting
May 8 2017 Annual Parish Council Meeting
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April 26 2017 Annual Parish Meeting


HELD ON 26 APRIL 2017 AT 7.00 P.M.




Councillor R Chapman (RCh)

Councillor C Craig (CC) (Vice Chairman)

Councillor J Halling-Brown (JHB)

Councillor A Jurkiw (AJ) (Vice Chairman)

Councillor K Moore (KM)

Councillor Dr AA Palmer (AAP) (Chairman)

Councillor E Taylor (ET)

District Councillor Victor Pritchard (VP)

Jane Griffiths – Clerk

26 members of the public


1.         Apologies

·         Apologies received from members of the public unable to attend


2.         To receive the Annual Chairman’s Report from Axel Palmer 

Axel Palmer introduced the team of Parish Councillors, including the Clerk and District Councillor Victor Pritchard.  He passed on the Parish Council’s thanks to Peter Taviner, Peter Havard, Richard Danbury, Nicky Henderson and Andy Griffiths who have assisted the Parish   Council in 2016/17. 

During the year training continued for all councillors.  Councillors attended meeting covering flooding, the Chew Valley Forum, Parish Liaison Meetings, Planning Meetings and Chew Valley Neighbourhood Plan Meetings.  Councillors continued to attend 11 monthly parish council meetings plus extra meeting and working art meetings as necessary. 

The Parish Council has achieved the Local Council Award Scheme at Foundation Level demonstrating that the Council meets the minimum requirements for operating lawfully and according to standard practice.  Currently the first and only Parish Council in B&NES. 

The Clerk achieved CiLCA (Certificate in Local Council Administration and is now a professionally qualified clerk. 

The Clerk continues to work in the School Room each Tuesday morning from 10.00 – 12.00.  The Parish Council continues to send out agendas to parishioners by email.  Al agendas and minutes of meetings can be found on the Parish Council website and the Parish Council now have a Facebook Page. 

We are awaiting a decision from BT as to whether the telephone kiosk in the centre of the village is to be removed or not.  In the meantime the telephone kiosk was painted as part of the scheduled BT painting plan. 

Many parishioners and councillors attended the defibrillator training which took place in 2016. 

Axel Palmer particularly thanked District Councillor Victor Pritchard for his continued support of the Parish Council.  In the past he has provided funding for the Village Hall and in 2016/17 he has supported the repair of the Parish Pump and the Refurbishment of the Fingerpost Sign at the top of the Wrangle, but providing funding.  These projects could not have taken place without his support.


Chew Valley Neighbourhood Plan 

Andrij Jurkiw confirmed that the Chew Valley Neighbourhood Plan passed referendum in February 2017.    Seven Chew Valley Parishes were involved in the production of this document.  They were, Chew Stoke, C hew Magna, Compton Martin, West Harptree, East Harptree, Hinton Blewitt and Ubley.  This document is now in use. 

The Pond 

Chris Craig explained that the cutting of the weed will continue in 2017/18.  It is proving to be successful, with the reduction of the more invasive weed in the pond. Consideration is currently being given to when the next cut will take place. 


The saga of broadband continues with a legal challenge now halting any progress.  Chris Craig continues to keep abreast of the situation. 


The Highways Team were pleased to report a good working relationship with B&NES.  Road signs had been replaced and potholes dealt with.  There are continuing outstanding issues which are discussed with B&NES.  Grateful thanks were passed to Victor Pritchard for his support in providing funding for the Fingerpost Sign at the top of the Wrangle.  The removal of the Fingerpost for refurbishment will take place in the next month. 

Coombe View and The Batch 

 It is hoped the wild flower plugs planted on The Batch last year are successful and this is the reason for the delay in cutting the grass.  Tree works were completed on the Coombe View at the beginning of 2016/17. 

Compton Martin Footpath Walk 

Erica Taylor reported on a very successful walk which took place on 25th March 2017.  In excess of 30 people turned up to assist with the walking of the footpaths in Compton Martin. The Walk started in the Village Hall and finished at the Ring O Bells, Compton Martin.  Erica expressed thanks to the Ring O Bells for kindly laying on refreshments for the walkers.  Sheila Petherbridge, the PROW Office for B&NES very kindly joined the Footpath Walk and was one of the Walk Leaders.  A report reflecting the issues raised had been produced and this was now available. Copies will be sent to B&NES for their records.  

The Village Pump 

Peter Taviner gave a short presentation on the history of the Village Pump, finishing with the most recent event of the pump being refurbished in 2017.  Grateful thanks were passed to Peter Taviner for not only putting together the Presentation but for his assistance and time given to this project which had ensured its success.  Thanks were also passed to Victor Pritchard for organizing the funding for this project. 

Reports were received from:

·         Avon and Somerset Constabulary

·         Compton Martin Village Hall

·         Compton Martin PCC

·         Ubley Primary School


District Councillor Victor Pritchard reported on the issues B&NES Council had encountered during the year and explained about the changes to the rubbish collection with effect from October 2017


What Does 2017/18 have in store for Compton Martin Parish Council?


Dr Axel Palmer announced he will be retiring from the Parish Council with effect from 8 May 2017 resulting in a vacancy on the Parish Council. He has been Chairman since May 2010 but a Parish Councillor since May 2003.

Previous parishioners who have held the office of Chairman are:


Mr Peter Taviner

                                                Mr Richard Curry       

                                                Mrs Peggy Edwards

                                                Mrs Liz Garden

                                                Dr Axel Palmer


Some of the Parish Council achievements since 2003: 

      Produced a Compton Martin Parish Plan

      Compton Martin was a participating Village in the Chew Valley Neighbourhood Plan

      Purchased the Amenity Field, now the responsibility of The Village Hall Committee.

      Taken over the Stewardship of the Pond and through funding has cleaned the pond, annual cuts of the weed since the major clean up. 

      Taken over the Stewardship of Coombe View


Thanks were expressed by the audience of the hard work which had taken place on their behalf. 


The meeting closed at 8.15 p.m.