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Climate and Nature Emergency Working Party

Compton Martin Parish Council

Climate and Nature Emergency Working Party

Terms of Reference




Compton Martin PC declared a climate emergency in October 2019. As part of this all relevant Parish Council activities should seek to minimise their carbon footprint and work towards an overall improvement in the state of local biodiversity.


        1. Background

The recent 2018 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report on Climate Change states that we have already caused a 1°C rise in global temperature.  The difference between the impacts of global warming of 2˚C and 1.5˚C is much greater than previously thought and we are currently heading for a catastrophic 3˚C rise.  We are running out of time and need to get to Zero Carbon emissions by 2030.


Growing numbers of parish, town and district councils are declaring a Climate Emergency.  This is a genuine commitment to work towards a specific measurable target.  It might seem that a Parish Council can't really do much but every effort counts towards mitigating potential impacts.

Climate change is relevant to many of our activities, creating green spaces in our communities, working to improve public transport, providing feedback on wider council strategies for transport, housing and wellbeing, as well as specific feedback on planning applications.  This proposal provides justification to treat climate change as a factor in future decision making, undertaken by our Parish Council.


All levels of government, national, regional and local, have a duty to secure our community from the negative impacts of climate breakdown.  Local government should not wait for national government to change their policies.


2. Purpose of Climate and Nature Emergency Working Party (CNEWP).

The working party has been formed to:

        Coordinate and promote action towards making Compton Martin Parish a sustainable community, by making Compton Martin Parish carbon neutral and working towards an overall improvement in the state of local biodiversity.

        Set targets and measure progress against that goal;

        Work with other organisations towards the same aims in wider or separate areas.


3. Reporting

The working party will report monthly to the Compton Martin Parish Council meeting.


4. Status and responsibilities

The CNEWP is a working party of the Compton Martin Parish.  It will act in an advisory capacity to the Parish Council.  It has no powers to commit the Parish Council to spending and does not hold decision making powers.  The CNEWP may liaise with other Parish Councils, consult with other organisations and seek expert advice.


The Terms of Reference (which can be reviewed and updated) shall be subject to approval at a full Parish Council meeting.


5. Time

The CNEWP will be constituted for an initial period of two years.  This period may be extended by the Parish Council at a full meeting.


6. Membership

The CNEWP will be formed of representatives of the Parish Council.  Additional members may be co-opted from other interested individuals in the village:

·         Maximum total number 10;

·         Up to three Parish Councillors;

·         Quorum will be three;

·         The working party will appoint a chair and a secretary.


A formal membership process will be devised if required and presented to the Parish Council.


7. Meetings

Meetings will be held bi- monthly or more frequently are required, location as agreed.


8. Conflicts of interest

Members of the working party who have a prejudicial interest in a matter on the agenda, must declare that interest at the start of the meeting.  If the interest is of significant pecuniary value to themselves or the organisation they represent, they must absent themselves from the room for discussion of that item and not vote on that matter.


9. Expenses

The working party has no budget and reimbursement for the members’ time will not be made.  Food and drink expenses will not be reimbursed.  The working party may apply to the Parish Council for reasonable out of pocket expenses incurred in the course of the working party’s work.