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Agenda May 8 2017

You are summoned to attend the Annual Parish Council Meeting of



8 May 2017

Compton Martin Village Hall – 7.00 p.m.



1.         Election of Officers:


            1.         Chairman

      • To elect the Chairman of the Council
      • The Newly Elected Chairman to sign the Declaration of Acceptance of Office


            Newly elected Chairman to take over the chairmanship of the meeting


            2.         Vice Chairman

      • To elect the Vice Chairman of the Council
      • The Newly Elected Vice Chairman to sign the Declaration of Acceptance of Office


3.         Proper Officer and Responsible Financial Officer (Clerk)

4.         Press Representative

5.         Procedures Co-ordinator

6.         Compton Martin Village Hall Representative

7.         ALCA Representatives


2.         To receive and accept apologies for absence


3.         To receive any declaration of interest (Dpi) in the agenda


Public Participation Session


The Public Participation Session provides an opportunity for members of the public to raise questions about and comment on items on the agenda.  Time for this session is limited to 10 minutes (three minutes per person)


4.         To approve and sign the minutes of the previous meeting

·         26 April 2017 – Parish Council Meeting

·         26 April 2017 – Annual Parish Meeting


5.         To approve and adopt the Standing Orders for Compton Martin Parish Council 


6.         To approve and adopt the Code of Conduct for Compton Martin Parish Council


7.         To approve and adopt the Financial Regulations for Compton Martin Parish Council


8.         To appoint an Internal Auditor

 9.         To review the Working Party structures and to appoint members to serve on the following Working Parties for 2017/18


a)         Planning Working Party

            b)         Highways Working Party

            c)         Pond Working Party

            d)         Combe View/The Batch Working Party

            e)         Broadband Working Party

            f)         Footpath Walk Working Party

            g)         Fracking and Mendip Hills AONB

            h)         Chew Valley Neighbourhood Plan and Placemaking


10        To appoint members, to include the Chairman on the Finance Working Party for 2017/18


11.       To adopt the following Parish Council Policies for 2017/18.

1.      Data Protection

2.      Equal Opportunities

3.      Freedom of Information

4.      Health and Safety

5.      Protocol on Filming

6.      Grant Policy

7.      Training policy


12.       To confirm the Parish Council’s Insurance policy. Hiscox through Came & Company. 


13.       To adopt the Council Asset Register for 2017/18.


14.       To adopt the Council Risk Assessment for 2017/18.


15.       Draft Minutes

To confirm that the Clerk continues to publish draft minutes of Parish Council Meetings on the website before approval.


16.       To confirm and agree that future meetings of Compton Martin Parish Council will be held on the second Monday of each month (with the exception of August).


17.       To confirm:


    1. The clerk’s salary 2017/18
    2. The clerk’s hours
    3. The clerk’s Contract of Employment
    4. The Parish Council’s Disciplinary, Dismissal and Grievance Procedure for staff members.