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April 11 2016
May 5 2016 Annual Parish Council Meeting
May 9 2016 Annual Parish Meeting
June 13 2016
July 11 2016
July 22 2016
August 24 2016
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HELD ON 14th NOVEMBER 2016 AT 7.00 P.M.




Councillor R Chapman (RCh)
Councillor C Craig (CC) (Vice Chairman)
Councillor J Halling-Brown (JHB)
Councillor Dr AA Palmer (AAP) (Chairman)
Councillor E Taylor (ET)
Councillor K Moore (KM)

District Councillor V Pritchard
Jane Griffiths – Clerk


3 members of the public


1.         To receive and accept apologies for absence

·         Apologies were received and accepted from Councillor Jurkiw, - due to work commitments.

2.         Receive comments from the public

·         Comments were received regarding the traffic issues in the village on Saturday November 5th, relating to an event at the Ring O’Bells.

3.         Receive declarations of interest in the agenda were received from:

·         CC – Agenda Item 13.2.1

·         ET – Agenda Item 13.2.1

·         RCh – Agenda Item 13.2.1


4.         To approve and sign the minutes of the previous meetings

·         10 October 2016

It was proposed and seconded that the minutes be approved and signed.  All in favour.


5.         Clerk’s Report

            1.         Finance


1.1       To consider the 2017/18 budget for agreement at the December 2016 meeting.

·         A draft budget was distributed to all councillors for consideration.  This item to be placed on the agenda for final discussion and agreement at the December meeting.


The chairman suggested that working parties should consider expenditure for the forthcoming year before the December meeting.                      

            To confirm the following payments and signing of cheques:

·         It was proposed and seconded that the following payments be made.  All in favour.  AAP and JHB to sign the cheques on behalf of the Parish Council.



Cheque No or Standing Order

Cheque signed by





VAT Reclaim

Payee and Description






E Griffiths – Net Salary






AED Ltd – Refurbishment of  Defibrillator Cabinet






Grant Thornton – 2016 Annual Audit


6.         The Village Pump

·         Members of the Parish Council had met with an engineer from Green and Carter.  The pump had been taken away to assess the work which was necessary.  A full report detailing all work needed had been received and distributed to all councillors. 

For the removal and replacement of the pump £450.00 plus VAT

For the work as detailed in the quotation £1,348.00 plus VAT

The Finance Working Party will meet before December and will look at the budget for 17/18 and consider the costs of the works necessary to the pump.


7.         Funding for the Fingerpost Sign at the top of the Wrangle

The Parish Council’s application for funding had been unsuccessful.  It was there agreed to put the project on hold.  The Clerk will continue to look for funding for this project.


8.         The Defibrillator

·         The defibrillator cabinet had been refurbished.  Training on the defibrillator had taken place with 28 people attending. The Clerk was asked to write to Clive Setter thanking him for arranging the defibrillator training.


9.         Telephone Kiosk

·         The Parish Council comments regarding the future of the telephone kiosk had been submitted to B&NES.  As part of BT’s scheduled maintenance scheme, the telephone box had been painted.


10.       Chew Valley Neighbourhood Plan

·         It was confirmed the next Chew Valley Neighbourhood Plan Meeting will take place on the 21st November.  The Inspector having looked at the plan had confirmed it was ready to be submitted to B&NES.


11.       Compton Martin Footpath Walk

·         It was proposed and seconded that the Terms of Reference for the Working Party be approved, with a review date of May 2017.  All in favour.

The Working Party will consist of the Highways Team, JHB, ET, KM plus one other member of the parish council and some members of the parish.  The Highways Team to appoint a parish councillor as chairman.


12.       Compton Martin Parish Grant Scheme

·         The Clerk was asked to change the date when applications should be received from June of each year to May of each year, giving councillors time to ask questions and receive a response. 

·         It was proposed and seconded that other than the above change the Parish Grant Scheme should be approved.  All in favour.


13.       Planning Applications


1    To consider and comment on the following B&NES Planning Decisions received:

·         16/04534/TCA – Mr and Mrs Hewitt – Hazel Barrow, Tree Works – No Objection

·         16/03572/FUL – Mr J Shallcross – High View – Permit

·         16/04570/FUL – Mr G Allen – Lake View - Permit


2.   To receive a report from the Planning Working Party and consider their recommendations regarding the following Planning Applications

·         16/05191/FUL - Mr M Bennett – Feltham Lodge, The Coombe – Erection of a new detached garage.

·         It was proposed and seconded that the parish council object to this planning application.  All in favour. The Parish Council comments are attached to these minutes.


·         16/04729/LBA – Mr and Mrs M Leonard, Parsons Hill , Rectory Lane.  Listed Building Consent (Alts/exts) External alterations for the replacement of the pergola with open fronted garden room and roof replacement.

·         It was proposed and seconded that the parish council objects to this application and resubmits the previous comments which councillors agreed in October 2016.  All in favour.


14.       To receive Updates from Working Parties


            1. Combe View and The Batch

                        Nothing further to report

2. The Pond

            Nothing further to report

3. Highways  

·         A meeting had taken place with the Highways Inspector for Compton Martin.  It is unlikely Compton Martin will receive a grit bin at the bottom of Highfield Lane.    The rubbish bin at Mendip Villas has been ordered.


·         Discussion took place regarding the traffic, car parking and safety issues relating to the event on 5th November at the Ring O’Bells.  The Clerk was instructed to write a letter to B&NES requesting a meeting to discuss the matter.  VP will make every effort to attend.


4. Broadband Working Party

            Nothing further to report.


15.       To receive reports from Councillors who have attended outside meetings and dates of future outside meetings.

·         Parish Liaison Meeting – 12 October 2016

·         Local Flood Reps Event – 31 October 2016

·         Information Management (Privacy, security and transparency) 21 October 2016


16.       To receive an update from District Councillor Victor Pritchard

            B&NES had made the decision to agree to devolved government

The B&NES budget continues to be scrutinised with a requirement to make further savings.


17.       Future Dates of Meetings

12 December 2016 – 7.00 p.m. in the Village Hall





Chairman: Dr Axel Palmer LLM PhD FRSA
Clerk: Jane Griffiths

Please reply:
The Old Mill,
Mill Lane, Compton Martin
Bristol, BS40 6NA
Tel: 01761 221702


 21 November 2016

 Kate Whitfield
Bath & North East Somerset Council
Planning Services


This planning application should be seen in the context of the draft Chew Valley Neighbourhood Plan, of which Compton Martin is a constituent.


The Parish Council wish to OBJECT in principle to this application.


This is a poor quality planning application with inadequate ‘sketch’ drawings. Dimensions were not provided. There is a high level window on the west elevation which may indicate an upper floor being contemplated, for which there is no plan. The application indicates that further land has been purchased, which may account for the difference in plot outline between the ‘plans’ provided. That being so, one plan shows space for parking three cars, while the other does not. Because the plans are so poor, the Parish Council cannot be certain that the garage can be considered permitted development both from a viewpoint of proximity to the house and its height.


This application follows 15/03510/FUL. Planning permission was granted by the planning authority against the advice of this parish council. [Details of our responses are attached.]


The proposal is for a detached garage. Without dimensions, it appears from the sketches that the garage is significant in size, approaching 50% of the original house. The design is uninspiring and proposed cladding and roller door out of keeping with a Conservation Area. The proposed concrete tiles are inappropriate and should be recycled roman tiles; concrete tiles neither preserve nor enhance the Conservation Area. The application form gives the impression that pre application advice has been given but the Parish Council is unsure whether this was formal advice.


Feltham Lodge is situated towards the top of a narrow rural dead-end lane. It is OUTSIDE the Compton Martin Housing Development Boundary. The property is INSIDE the Mendip Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and within the Compton Martin Conservation Area.


The Coombe is an historic narrow rural lane which brings a number of issues with this application to the fore. The Village Plan and draft Chew Valley Neighbourhood Plan is against further development in this lane and, of course, the subject site is not inside the Housing Development Boundary.  The Coombe, which becomes a public footpath through Compton Wood, has been designated as a site of Nature Conservation Importance by B&NES and includes a SSSI as a geological site and hibernaculum for bats, Policy NE10 applies.


In addition to the merits of the garage itself are matters relating to parking in The Combe and Environmental issues to which the planning authority has not given sufficient enquiry.


Car Parking

There are issues of amenity of neighbours and parking. (D2) The applicant site includes an area historically used for parking. The Parish Council has seen adverse comments from neighbours. This would appear to raise issues of Rights of Way (SR9). The purchase of additional land would appear to be in conflict with the neighbours’ rights. A key element of use of part of the site for vehicle access and turning is of major concern. The Coombe is a dead-end lane and this land is the only possible area where vehicles, and importantly emergency services vehicles can turn. The alternative would be reversing back down the lane onto the main road. (By way of information, B&NES utilises a small refuse collection vehicle because a normal sized vehicle cannot satisfactorily use the lane.) 



The Parish Council is aware that there is an old underground fuel tank on the site and is concerned about the environmental effect of a deteriorating structure and the potential for leachate which would affect the water courses. (Policy ES15). The planning authority seem to be remarkably sanguine about this (16/00348/FUL Delegated Report). However, this application appears to show the garage being built on top of the old underground fuel tank, thus emphasising the Parish Council’s concerns for the environment.

Furthermore, this land is close to a designated site of Nature Conservation Importance and includes a SSSI as a geological site and hibernaculum for bats, Policy NE10 applies. The Ecology Officer is invited to consider the impact.