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We have received the following three messages from The Chew Valley Community Transport Scheme, Victor Pritchard regarding the Minor Injuries Unit in Paulton, Chippenham and Trowbridge and a message from the two Medical Practices in the Chew Valley, as follows:



Firstly, a big thank you from us all, for your understanding and patience over the last two weeks as we have changed the way we have consulted with you. We remain open to all problems but will continue to triage all consultations on the phone first whilst the Government regulations on social distancing continue.

This forthcoming Easter weekend, both surgeries will remain fully open on Friday 10th April (Good Friday) and Monday 13th April (Easter Monday). We have taken the decision to cancel these 2 bank holidays, along with most of the NHS, in order to ease the pressure, both on the out of hours service and A+E during this COVID 19 pandemic. Therefore, for all urgent problems on Good Friday or Easter Monday please contact your surgery in the normal way between 8am – 6pm.  On Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th both surgeries will be closed but a full out of hours service will be available, alongside an additional specialist COVID service dedicated to the 3 Valleys Primary Care Network (Chew, Somer and Cam Valleys) Both these services would be accessed via 111 at the weekend. Chew Medical Practice dispensary will remain open 9-12am on Saturday 11th as normal.

B&NES CCG, B&NES Council, Virgin Care and 3SG have also come together to form ‘The Compassionate Community Hub’. This service seeks to assist those who are self-isolating or shielding and those that are clinically the highest risk people in our community, who are in need of help. This can be accessed 7 days a week, 9am - 5pm on 0300 247 0500. Support is offered in multiple areas including medication delivery, food, physical and mental well-being, financial advice, housing, volunteering access, family support, public health advice and council services.


Finally, a plea from us to all to please stay at home to help stop the spread of coronavirus. Restrictions have been put in place to combat the disease and people should only leave the house for

1)      Shopping for basic necessities

2)      Any medical need, or providing care for a vulnerable person

3)      Travel to and from work, but only when you cannot work from home

4)      Exercise – alone or with members of your household

Please share this message to community notice boards, social media groups, village shops or anywhere that is felt appropriate.


We send you our best wishes for the coming weeks and thank the local community for the great support that both surgeries have received.


Dr’s Fenn, Sephton and Alexander (Chew Medical Practice) and Dr’s Coppock, Parr and Robinson (Harptree Surgery)



The Chew Valley Community Transport scheme (CVCT) has a system of volunteer drivers that for some years has taken people from this area to routine medical appointments, both locally and to nearby hospitals.

Covid-19 has impacted greatly on our service. The vast majority of our volunteer drivers are over 70 and so no longer able to offer lifts. And now, although all routine medical appointments have been cancelled, we anticipate that we’ll soon be asked to provide a prescription delivery service in the Chew Valley area.

It is very heartening to see the huge increase in local support initiatives that have started recently. We’re trying to contact the organisers of as many of these schemes as possible in this area to ask you to get in touch with us, please.  

We’d like to know the best contact details for you, to give people who may call us to ask for help. Both an email address and phone number if possible, as many of our clients don’t use computers.

We’re also asking for anyone interested in becoming volunteer drivers for CVCT to get in touch, please. Initially perhaps only to deliver prescriptions, if needed, until DBS etc checks can be done, but with a view to possibly driving passengers for us in the future, too.

With many thanks Annie Egginton Volunteer Co-ordinatorNChew Valley Community Transport

01275 333430


Minor Injury Units in Paulton, Chippenham and Trowbridge to temporarily close as part of COVID-19 response

Minor Injury Units (MIUs) at Paulton Hospital, Chippenham Community Hospital and Trowbridge Community Hospital will close temporarily from 5pm on Wednesday 8 April 2020 so staff can be redeployed to provide vital additional capacity elsewhere in the local area.

All three MIUs have seen a decline in the number of patients attending since the start of the COVID-19 crisis with patient numbers at Paulton MIU dropping by 75 per cent and attendance at Chippenham and Trowbridge experiencing a similar decline.

Staff employed at the units will be redeployed to help look after patients across the local health and care system.

Given the recently low attendance, the temporary closures are not expected to present problems for local people and the units will reopen when circumstances permit.

Patients with minor injuries should visit the NHS 111 online service. This will provide advice on where to go for the best care for their symptoms. People should only phone 111 if they cannot access the 111 online service.

Those patients who feel that they need a GP appointment should call their local GP practice and are likely to be offered a phone or video consultation in the first instance, unless a face-to-face appointment is absolutely necessary.

No-one with COVID-19 symptoms should attend any medical setting unless explicitly directed to do by the NHS 111 service or a 999 call operator.

Of course, if you feel your symptoms genuinely require emergency treatment, you should always seek help from your nearest hospital.

Douglas Blair, Managing Director of Wiltshire Health and Care, which runs the MIUs in Chippenham and Trowbridge, said:

“As the local health and care system faces up to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis, our top priority is to focus on caring for the sickest patients in our community.


“In order to do this, we have to constantly review our services with the aim of ensuring that as many frontline clinical staff as possible are available to provide care for those who need it most.