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 The Role of the Planning Working Party

The role of the Planning Working Party is to provide advice to Compton Martin Parish Council on planning applications which have been received from Bath & North East Somerset Development Control enabling the Parish Council to respond as a consultee in the time period set by B&NES Development Control.


 ·         The Planning Working Party will be made up of three parish councillors.


 ·         Provide advice and guidance as appropriate on local planning applications received by the Parish Council.

 ·         Help guide Compton Martin Parish Council with decisions on Planning Applications requiring a response.

 ·         To provide regular updates to the Parish Council on Planning Law, Legislation, Core Strategy.

 ·         Each planning application will be reviewed as against the template provided by Peter Duppa Miller, which endeavours to address all         relevant planning considerations; and

 ·         All members of the Planning Committee and all members of the Parish Council will make themselves familiar with the documents available on the BNES portal pertaining to the planning application.


 ·         When necessary the Working Party will meet before the monthly parish council meeting (second Monday of each month, with the exception of August) in order to put forward recommendations to the Parish Council monthly meeting.

  •    Wherever possible the annotated planning checklist together with any written comments to be circulated to all councillors prior to the meeting of the Parish Council at which the planning application is to be discussed.

 Review of Terms of Reference

 ·         This will be undertaken in February 2015, then annually thereafter to ensure continuing relevance.


9th March 2015