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May 5 2016 Annual Parish Council Meeting
May 9 2016 Annual Parish Meeting
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May 9 2016 Annual Parish Meeting


HELD ON 9 MAY 2016 AT 7.30 P.M. 
Councillor R Chapman (RCh)
Councillor C Craig (CC)
Councillor J Halling-Brown (JHB)
Councillor A Jurkiw (AJ) (Vice Chairman)
Councillor K Moore (KM)
Councillor Dr AA Palmer (AAP) (Chairman)
Councillor E Taylor (ET)
District Councillor Victor Pritchard (VP)
Jane Griffiths – Clerk
20 members of the public
1. Apologies
Apologies received from members of the public unable to attend
2. To receive the Annual Chairman’s Report from Axel Palmer
Axel Palmer welcomed everyone to the 2016 Annual Parish Meeting.  2015/16 was the first year for this Parish Council, having been elected in May 2015.  All Councillors and the Clerk have received training to assist them in their roles.  Other training which has taken place includes The Transparency Act, Defibrillator Training, Chairmanship, Pensions and Accounting.  The annual precept had been set at £12,000. The Clerk works from the School Room each Tuesday morning between 10.00 and 12.00.  She is available to deal with queries from members of the parish 
Compton Martin Parish Council applied and received £689 from Government funds to assist with the costs of dealing with their obligations under the new Transparency Act.  The Parish Council were able to pass on to the PCC the sum of £319 to cover the costs of the installation of Broadband because this facility is used by the Parish Council each Tuesday morning and also when meetings are held in the School Room. 
Parish Councils are being encouraged by ALCA to apply for The Local Council Award Scheme.  The Award lasts for the term of the Council. Compton Martin Parish Council have decided to apply for The Foundation Award
The Foundation Award demonstrates 
That a council meets the requirements for operating lawfully and according to standard practice.
It has the documentation and information in place for operating lawfully and according to standard practice
The Council has policies for training councillors and officers and is building a foundation for improvement and development
3. To receive Reports from Members of Working Parties
Julia Halling-Brown, Chairman of the Highways Working Party and Kath Moore gave a short presentation on the successes of 2015/16.    They were pleased to report on the resurfacing of Mendip Villas and The Street and also the glass which had recently appeared in the bus shelter in Mendip Villas.  All of which they could take no credit for.
Potholes through the village had been dealt with, drains cleared, and the issue of speeding had been discussed with the police and with B&NES and was still under consideration.
Grateful thanks were passed to two landowners in The Wrangle who had cleared banks and verges allowing B&NES to assist with some foliage cutting, drain clearing and road sweeping. A ‘before’ and ‘after’ photograph was shown.  A serious accident at the top of the Wrangle had highlighted the lack of road markings which were reinstated as a matter of urgency.  Dog mess has been a particular issue, and signs were placed on the verge between Mendip Villas and Leamon Cottage.  It was a disappointment to have to report that all three signs had recently been stolen from the posts.  For the future, the Working Party were liaising with BT with a view to the painting of the telephone box which is scheduled for May onwards.  The telephone box continues to be used by members of the village.  It was hoped that funding can be found to refurbish the fingerpost sign at the top of The Wrangle and The Village Pump in the centre of the village.  It was still hoped to arrange for a grit bin at the bottom of Highfield Lane and a litter bin at Mendip Villas.  
Julia and Kath welcomed Erica Taylor who had recently joined the Working Party.
Coombe View and The Batch
Kath Moore, Chairman of the Working Party, with Rex Chapman and Chris Craig explained that a change of maintenance contract had taken place.  Thanks were expressed to Peter Havard who had taken over the role.  Thanks to Avon Wildlife, Compton Martin were given wild flower plugs, which have been planted in The Batch.  Thanks were passed to Michael Payne who also assisted.  The plants were doing well.  Tree works on the Batch and the Coombe view were about to be undertaken and the notice boards and benches were also scheduled for refurbishment.
3. To receive Reports from Members of Working Parties (Continued)
The Pond
Chris Craig, Chairman of the Pond Working Party, explained that Rex Chapman and Julia Halling-Brown were also on the Working Party from the Parish Council and Andy Griffiths and Peter Havard were also members of the Working Party as parishioners.
In September 2015 the weed in the pond grew at an alarming rate, so much so that advice was sought and a second cut of the weed was advised and agreed.  In November 2015, the pond had settled down for the winter and was clear of weed.  The Working Party discussed the situation and decided it was necessary to keep records in order to assist when discussing the needs of the pond in the future.  A water testing kit was purchased and the water is tested weekly.  Bristol Water agreed to change their testing site to nearer the pond and to share their data with the Working Party.  Children from the Coach House Nursery come to the pond on a weekly basis and measure the depth of the water, check the ducks and more importantly take a photograph of the pond.  This gives a visual reference on a weekly basis and will aid decision making in the future.  Photographs of the pond in late February and early May 2016 were showing the signs of weed growing once again.
Broadband Working Party 
Chris Craig, Chairman of the Broadband Working Party, explained that Andrij Jurkiw was also a Parish Councillor Representative on this Working Party.  Two parishioners were also on the Working Party, Rick Taylor and Fergus Crawford.  The Working party was established to review the options for faster and more reliable broadband within Compton Martin, and to put forward to the Parish Council recommendations for a broadband infrastructure solution which best meets the current and likely future needs of parishioners and businesses within the parish and propose ways in which the parish council may be able to support this.
There are two current commercial solutions available which have been reviewed by the Working Party:
1. Utilising existing BT infrastructure.  
2. Work with Truespeed to roll-out their ‘fibre-to-the-property’ solution.
The vast majority of Compton Martin Parish is not included within the current phase 1 roll-out programme from Connecting Devon and Somerset.  CDS have just announced that properties on Bickfield Lane and Bristol Road can connect to the fibre-enabled cabinets.  
Phase 2 roll-out has yet to be confirmed.  We do not know whether Compton Martin will be included.
3. To receive Reports from Members of Working Parties (Continued)
Broadband Working Party (Continued)
Ways in which Parishioners can help to build the case are to ensure the Working Party have home telephone numbers of parishioners and other information such as running a business, working from home.   Parishioners to test and record internet speed.
Chew Valley Neighbourhood Plan
Andri Jurkiw took the meeting through the history of the Chew Valley Neighbourhood Plan.  In autumn 2013, 11 parishes were asked whether they would like a joint Neighbourhood plan.  In spring 2014, 7 of the 11 parishes signed up including Compton Martin. The mission is for our community to actively plan for our future.  It is not about stopping growth.  The process is inclusive.  
The Plan’s objective’s cover:
Housing and Development, Environment, Business and Facilities.
Dialogue between residents, businesses, land owners, councils, and neighbours have taken place. 
Chew Valley Neighbourhood Plan is a shared vision that will provide the ability to shape development and growth of the local area, provide developers with guidance on what new buildings should look like.  
Unlike village design statements and other previous documents a Neighbourhood Plan becomes part of the statutory development plan. Once approved at referendum a neighbourhood plan forms part of the statutory local plan and is used with this for the determination of all planning applications and appeals in the designated area.  
The Plan is now available to view online or at various locations in the 7 parishes.
4. To receive a report from District Councillor Victor Pritchard
Victor Pritchard reported that £40+ millions of savings were needed over the next four years.  £11.7 million identified so far, including £2.2 million in management savings and £3 million of new income.  The 1.25% Council Tax rise is the lowest in the /west of /England and among the lowest in the country.
Consultations on the Transport Strategy have begun which will provide an opportunity to look at local public transport.  Parish Councils will be asked to give feedback on proposals.
An additional £500K has been allocated to Highway maintenance this year, on top of the £3.6 million grant from the Government.
Government devolution proposals published for the West of England.  B&NES continue to support Connecting Devon and Somerset to enable roll-out of superfast broadband.  B&NES are meeting the housing requirement under the need for a five year land supply and are set to deliver a record number of new homes this year.  
Victor Pritchard also announced that he will be happy to assist with funding for the repair of the Village Pump and partial funding for the fingerpost signs at the top of The Wrangle.  
Axel Palmer thanked Victor Pritchard for his support during the year and particularly thanked him for the unexpected but most welcome announcement of funding.  Victor has assisted with many issues through the past year and is currently looking at parking issues at Mendip Villas.  This is at a very early stage and he hopes to have more information shortly.   
5. To receive questions from the general public
1. Would the Parish Council consider reintroducing the Annual Footpath Walk?  The Highways Team thought this an excellent idea.
2. Clarification was required regarding the police arrangement in the village.  The Clerk was able to answer in part and will find out exactly what the current situation is and communicate accordingly.
6. The date of the next Parish Council Meeting 
Monday 13th June 2016, 7.00 p.m, Compton Martin Village Hall.