Schedule of Payments
10 April 2017
April 26 2017
April 26 2017 Annual Parish Meeting
May 8 2017 Annual Parish Council Meeting
May 15 2017
June 12 2017
10 July 2017
11 September 2017
9 October 2017
13 November 2017
11 December 2017
8 January 2018
9 February 2018
9 March 2018
13 November 2017


HELD ON 13 NOVEMBER 2017 AT 7.00 P.M.




Councillor R Chapman (RCh)

Councillor C Craig (CC) (Vice Chairman)

Councillor J Halling-Brown (JHB)

Councillor A Jurkiw (AJ) Chairman)

Councillor K Moore (KM)

Councillor P Shipman (PS)

Councillor E Taylor (ET)

Clerk Jane Griffiths

10 Members of the Public



1.         To receive and accept apologies for absence

  • All councillors present


2.         Receive comments from the public

·         None


3.         Receive declarations of interest in the agenda

·         Declarations received by RCh – Agenda Item 5.1


4.         To approve and sign the minutes of the previous meetings

·         It was proposed and seconded that the minutes of the 9 October 2017 be approved and signed. 


5.         Information, Correspondence and Finance




1.         Email received from Miles Leonard

·         The email received from Mr Leonard had been passed to all councillors.  There were severe parking issues at the firework event and these were discussed.  It was proposed and seconded that a response be drafted by the Chairman and Clerk and circulated to councillors for approval.  All in favour.




5.2       To confirm the following payments and signing of cheques:



Cheque No

Cheque signed by




VAT Reclaim

Payee and Description






Mrs E Griffiths Clerk’s Salary – November 2017






Mrs E Griffiths Back Pay of Clerks Salary






Viking Direct – Stationery






ALCA – Finance & Accounting Course – Clerk attended






Grant Thornton – 2017 Annual Return – External Audit


6.         To consider the Parish Council budget for 2018/19


·         A Payment and Receipts April 2017 – October 2017 and an Estimate of Expenses for 2018/19 based on information Councillors had gathered for projects were circulated.   The budget process for 2018/19 will continued to be placed on the agenda for discussion.


7.         Compton Martin Parish Council - Training

·         It was proposed and seconded that in-house training should be postponed until the New Year.  The Clerk will arrange a date in January or February 2018.


8.         Community Empowerment Fund

·         A Community Questionnaire had been distributed to all councillors.  It was proposed and seconded that this questionnaire be approved.  All in favour.  The Clerk will distribute to parishioners during the next week using events taking place in the village.  It will also be sent via email to those on the parish council email list.  The Parish Council will apply for the Community Empowerment Fund.


9.         Chew Valley Neighbourhood Plan

·         The Chairman reported back to the Parish Council on the CIL meeting which took place on the 30 October 2017.  It was confirmed that when any Parish Council received CIL monies from B&NES, it will retain its 15% share with the remaining 10% forming part of the CVNP funds. 

·         Dr Palmer, Independent non-voting chairman and Councillor Liz Richardson will meet with Mr Theobald to discuss administration of CIL funds, following which Terms of Reference are to be drafted by them for consideration by this committee.          


10.       New Local Plan and Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment (HELAA)

·         It was confirmed by B&NES that proposed sites come from different sources and that all sites submitted are being assessed.  It was further confirmed that the hatched area on the Compton Martin map which had been sent to the Clerk was correct.  It was agreed that this area had not been proposed by the Parish Council.


District Councillor Victor Pritchard gave an update on HELLA.


11.       Planning Applications


1.         To consider and comment on the following B&NES Planning Decisions received:

·         17/04129/FUL - Fairash Poultry Farm, Compton Martin Road, West Harptree - Conversion and part demolition of poultry sheds to form 3No dwellings and associated access and landscaping works (Resubmission). – REFUSE


·         17/03866/FUL – The Blue Bowl, Bristol Road, West Harptree

Erection of 2 polytunnels for horticultural use. PERMIT


2.   To receive a report from the Planning Working Party and consider their recommendations regarding the following Planning Applications.


  1. 17/04538/FUL – Mrs S Dury – Elm Cottage, The Street, Compton Martin, Erection of 1no. 4 bed bungalow to the rear of Elm Cottage, and associated vehicle access, garage and parking.


The Planning Working party met to consider the above planning application and a response was circulated.    It was proposed and seconded that the Parish Council objects to this planning application but only on the basis of the loss of parking for the existing property, and the road safety issues this could raise.  All other comments are only comments, and do not form part of the objection.  All in favour.


2.   To receive a report from the Planning Working Party and consider their recommendations regarding the following Planning Applications.


  1. 17/00075/FUL – Land between Leamon Cottage and Mendip Villas, The Street, Compton Martin.  The erection of 10no dwelling houses, including access on to The Street, 24no of street parking spaces, and associated soft/hard landscaping.  – Revised Landscape Proposals


It had been noted that a new landscape proposal had been placed on the B&NES website and the Clerk contacted the Case Officer to confirm whether further consultation will be requested.  It was confirmed that as the details did not fundamentally change the scheme, there will not be a consultation on these revisions.  It was further confirmed that the decision date for this application had been revised to the end of November and may have to be extended further. 


It was proposed and seconded that the Parish Council’s previous comments are re-sent to the Case Officer, copying in Victor Pritchard and Lisa Bartlett.  The Chairman and Clerk to draft a form of words for approval by Parish Councillors.


12.       To receive Updates from Working Parties


            1. Coombe View and The Batch

It was proposed and seconded that an invoice for cutting Coombe View and hedge at Leamon Cottage be paid.  The Clerk to place this paid invoice on the agenda for December.  All in favour.



Cheque No

Cheque signed by




VAT Reclaim

Payee and Description






P Havard, Grass and Hedge Cutting


            2. The Pond

·         Confirmation that costs relating to weed clearing had been received from R Newby and P Durbin for 2018/19 and will remain the same as 2017/18.


3. Highways  

·         Letters had been distributed regarding overhanging vegetation.


4. Broadband Working Party

·         Two proposals had been received from BT.  Truespeed dates may be delayed, and no further announcements from Gigaclear.  The Broadband Working party had not had an opportunity to meet to discuss the above.  A Working party meeting will take place before the December meeting.


5.  Defibrillator

·         It was proposed and seconded that the Parish Council purchase replacement pads for their own use.  All in favour.


6.   Village Hall

·         Councillors were pleased to see drawings of the proposed new notice board.  


13.       To receive reports from Councillors who have attended outside meetings and dates of future outside meetings.

·         CIL Meeting 30 October – Chairman

o   Agenda Item 9 above gives an update

·         Parish Liaison Meeting – 26th October - Clerk

o   Sara Dixon has been appointed as Locality Manager who will assist in making contact or getting a response from B&NES departments.  Encouragement to take up the Community Empower Grant.


14.       To receive an update from District Councillor Victor Pritchard

                        Victor Pritchard gave a short update on B&NES


15.       Future Dates of Meetings

·         11 December 2017