Schedule of Payments
20 April 2020
11 May 2020
8 June 2020
13 July 2020
14 September 2020
12 October 2020
9 November 2020
14 December 2020
11 January 2021
8 February 2021
8 March 2021
9 November 2020






Councillor C Craig (CC) – Chairman

Councillor J Halling-Brown – (JHB)

Councillor T Maggs – (TM) –Vice Chairman

Councillor P Shipman – (PS) – Vice Chairman

Councillor J Thomas – (JT)

Councillor P Walton – (PW)

District Councillor Victor Pritchard (VP)

Clerk Jane Griffiths


The Chairman opened the meeting by confirming The Local Authorities and Police and Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020 (“the 2020 Regulations”) came into force on the 4 April 2020.


The 2020 Regulations enable parish councils to hold remote meetings (including by video and telephone conferencing for a specified period until May 2021)


Compton Martin Parish Council will be using ZOOM.


1.         To receive and accept apologies for absence         

                        All councillors were present

2.         Receive declarations of interest in the agenda

·         CC declared an interest in Agenda Item 11

3.         To consider items put forward by members of the public

·         There were no items put forward by members of the public

4.         To approve the minutes of the previous meetings (Minutes to be signed at a later date)

·         The minutes of the 12 October 2020 Parish Council Meeting were approved and will be signed at a later date.  All in favour.


5.         To receive a report and update regarding the retirement of the Clerk and vacancy.


·         Advertisements had been placed on the website, notice boards, in The Link and The Chew Valley Gazette.  It was proposed and seconded to pay the invoice for the Chew Valley Gazette and to place this item on the agenda for December.  All in favour.  A further update will be given at the December meeting when the deadline for applications of 30th November had taken place.




6.         To receive an update on the removal of the notice board at Mendip Villas.


·         Further notices had been distributed and no comments/queries had been received.  It was proposed and seconded that the Clerk liaise with PS regarding the removal of the notice board at Mendip Villas.


7.         Completion of the External Audit for Compton Martin Parish Council for the year ended 31 March 2020

·         The Clerk confirmed that the Notice of conclusion of audit for the year ended 31 March 2020 had been received.  Notices will now be placed on the notice board and on the parish council website.


8.         To discuss the resignation of Councillor Liane Livingstone and the pending resignation of Councillor Halling-Brown and the process to be followed in order to recruit replacement parish councillors.

            The resignation of Councillor Livingstone had been received and it was acknowledged that Councillor Halling-Brown will also be resigning with effect from 31st March 2021.  It was proposed and seconded that the Clerk inform the Electoral Services at B&NES of the resignation of Councillor Livingstone,setting the normal process in motion for advertising the vacancy. The Parish Council asked the Chairman to write to Councillor Livingstone thanking her for her hard work in the past. All in favour. 


9.         Correspondence


·         Acknowledgement letter received from Jacob Rees Mogg regarding the parish council’s letter - financial assistance to the Church


·         To consider a Community Transport Grant Application for April 2021 – March 2022 from Midsomer Norton and Radstock Dial A Ride. 

o   It was proposed and seconded that a donation of £50 be made to this organisation which is used in Compton Martin.  All in favour


·         To consider and approve the purchase of the 12th edition of Charles Arnold Baker at a reduced rate if £119.99 with free postage if ordered before 4 December 2020

o   It was proposed and seconded that the Clerk purchase the 12th edition of the Charles Arnold Baker at the reduced rate.  All in favour.


10.       Finance and Payments


It was proposed and seconded that that the following payments be made.  All in favour




Cheque No

Cheque signed by




VAT Reclaim

Payee and Description







Mrs E Griffiths Clerk’s Salary – November 2020






Primrose Garden Maintenance –

Grass Cutting – Oct 2020






PKF Littlejohn LLP – External Audit of the Parish Councils Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2020






Zoom November






CV Gazette, Clerk Advertisement






Donation to MSN Dial A Ride






11.       To receive a further update and consider recommendations from the Finance Working Party with regard to online banking.

            Further documentation and reports had been circulated.  Discussion took place on the pro’s and cons between Unity and Triodos.  It was proposed and seconded that the Parish Council transfer the Parish Council bank account to the Unity Bank.  All in favour.

            It was further proposed and seconded that the Finance Working Party meet to set up safeguarding procedures before action is taken on transferring the Parish Council Bank Account. All in favour.

            This matter to be placed on the agenda as soon as the Finance Working Party has met.




12.       To receive an update on the possible formation of a Community Speedwatch Scheme for Compton Martin.


A report of the meeting which took place on the 5th November had been circulated to all Councillors with recommendations.


It was proposed and seconded that


An application is made to apply to Avon and Somerset Constabulary under their Road Safety Fund for a grant to assist with the following:

·         Compton Martin to participate in a Community Speedwatch Programme but before pursuing further to recruit volunteers from the village to undertake and manage this initiative.

·         To undertake an education programme regarding the speed of local vehicles in the area

All in favour.


It was further proposed and seconded to write to B&NES requesting a light interactive speed sign at the east end of Compton Martin.


All in favour


13.       To receive further updates regarding:


  1. The Climate and Nature Emergency Working Party

CC reported that he had attended the first Chew Valley Forum C&NE Working Group.  It is hoped that this Forum will provide an opportunity for groups in the Chew Valey to work together allowing ideas and workload to be shared.  The next meeting will take place on the 17 November. 

  1. The Coronavirus Support Network in Compton Martin

The support network continues to be active and running well.

  1. PCAA

A detailed report had been passed to all councillors regarding the October virtual meeting attended by PS.  The Airport had decided to appeal the decision to turn their planning permission down.  As a consequence there will be a public inquiry.  Further documentation will be forthcoming from the airport with a need to respond as quickly as possible.    It was proposed and seconded that PS will draft a response when he information is available and forward to councillors. If necessary the Clerk to arrange a parish council meeting before the scheduled December meeting.


  1. To receive an update regarding the painting of the Village Pump

This item to remain on the agenda

  1. To receive an update regarding the

·         Treeworks on Coombe View

The work to grind the two tree stumps was still to be completed.  Three quotes had been provided and passed to councillors.  It was proposed and seconded that the quote from No More Stumps be accepted.  All in favour.

·         Recent request received from a parishioner regarding the supply trees and a bench

A request from a parishioner to donate the cost of replacement trees and a bench on Coombe View in memory of their parents, who had lived in the village for many years had been circulated to all councillors.  It was proposed and seconded that the Chairman write to the family accepting and thanking them for their kind offer.  There would be a need to incorporate the planting of a tree in memory of Councillor Rex Chapman within the plan which had already been agreed.  The input from the C&NE WP will also be a consideration for the overall plan for Coombe View.

It was agreed that the need for a landscape gardener to provide a professional input to an overall plan would be beneficial. 

This item to be placed on the agenda for the December meeting.


14.       Planning Applications


1.         To consider and comment on the following B&NES Planning Decisions received:


1.      20/02737/FUL Mr and Mrs Matthews – Erection of a stable block for equestrian use incidental to the enjoyment of the dwelling. – PERMITTED WITH CONDITIONS (20/03495/COND Currently on B&NES website covering lighting and tree plan.  Conditions pending consideration)

2.      20/03408/TCA – Leamon Cottage, The Street, canopy reduction.  Silver Birch – NO OBJECTION

3.      20/03304/FUL – Mr P Durbin, Bickfield Farm, Bickfield Lane – erection of an agricultural building to form a milking parlour complex with associated works. PENDING

4.      20.03305/FUL – Mr P Durbin, Bickfield Farm – erection of an agricultural building to be used as a collecting yard with associated works.PENDING

5.      20/03264/FUL – Mr P Durbin, Bickfield Farm, erection of an agricultural building to be used as a calving yard with associated works.PENDING



14.       Planning Applications (Continued)


2.   To receive a report from the Planning Working Party and consider their recommendations regarding the following Planning Applications.


·         No planning applications received at the time of publishing the agenda.


15. Update from District Councillor Victor Pritchard



16. Date of the next Parish Council Meeting

·         All meetings to be held remotely until further notice.


                        14 December 2020

                        11 January 2021