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HELD ON THE 11 OCTOBER 2021 AT 7.15 P.M.




Councillor P Shipman (PS) Vice Chairman

Councillor B Freeman (BF)

Councillor J Thomas (JT)

Councillor S Wood (SW)

District Councillor Victor Pritchard


2 Members of the Public

Clerk: Vesela Ilieva


The Vice Chairman Paul Shipman signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office and opened the meeting.


1. To receive and accept apologies for absence

Councillor Chris Craig – due to holiday

Councillor T Maggs – due to work commitments


2. Receive declarations of interest in the agenda

Councillor Freeman declared an interests in Agenda Items 14.

Councillor Shipman declared an interest in Agenda Item 16.2.

Councillor Thomas declared an interest in Agenda Item 16.2.


3. To consider items put forward by members of the public

A parishioner expressed their concerns about a planning application seeking permission for number of trees to be felled without stating in the application which trees, the reason and there is no re-planting plan.

 4.      To approve and sign the minutes of the previous meetings

It was proposed and seconded the minutes of 13 September 2021 – Parish Council Meeting be approved. All in favour.


4.      5.  Finance and Payments

1.     It was confirmed that the second instalment of the Precept for 2021/2022 have been received by the parish council.


2.     The Bank Reconciliations covering Jul – Sept 2021 have not been signed yet.


3.     To receive payments and receipts account covering 1 April – 30 September 2021.

The accounts for the period have been received. It has been proposed and seconded their approval. All voted in favour.


4.     To agree the following payments for October 2021.

It has been proposed and seconded the following payments for October be approved. All in favour.



Payment Authorised by




VAT Reclaim

Payee and Description





Vesela Ilieva – September 2021 Salary





Zoom – Monthly fee September





Primrose Garden – Grass cutting September





Introduction to CiLCA





Unity Bank Service Charge (Paid 30/09/2021)


5.     To receive a confirmation that both instalments of CIL money in respect of Greenacres Farm have been moved to the parish council saving account in order to keep them separate.

As previously agreed, the CIL money has been moved into the parish council saving account.


6.     Unity Bank Corporate MultyPay card update.

The Clerk confirmed the application for the MultyPay bank card has been submitted and is in a process.


7.     The budgeting process for 2022/2023 has commenced.


5.     6. Correspondence Received

·       Village Hall Committee Letter.

In principle the council agreed with the idea proposed in the letter from the Village Hall committee to plant a tree on the Amenity Field in memory of Chris and Rosemary Preston. However, it should be considered what type of tree it can be and who is going to be responsible for maintaining the tree. The parish council to write to VH committee and seek more clarity over the plan.


7. Highways

1.     Highways Infrastructure report

A meeting with the B&NES highways inspector has been initiated in the week to follow and report will be submitted in the November parish council meeting, including what actions have been taking place on Highfield Lane.

  ·       Overgrown hedges - a letter reminding landowners to cut overhanging vegetation and hedges will be distributed through the parish council email list.

2.     Weed spraying – there is still no response from B&NES regarding the timeframe for treating street weeds in the village.


3.     Community Speedwatch Program in the Village has been moved forward. Councillor Freeman and Councillor Thomas to carry on working on the project.


4.     Toad patrol sign – recommendations for the actual signage to be explored for the next meeting in November.


8. The Pump and the Pond

1.     Report regarding the colour of the Pump – no update for this meeting, the matter will remain on agenda for the next meeting.

2.     Report on signage of the Pond – update is left for the November meeting.

3.     The clearing of the Pond - The cut had been scheduled for 30th September, however due to fuel shortages the contractor Burley Aquatic could not come and complete the job on that date. Further delays for the clearing were due to the number of funeral services taking place in the church in the following two weeks. The Pond to be cleared by 28th October.


9. Clerk’s appraisal and training report – The Clerk undertook an introduction to CiLCA training session, which has been discussed on the clerk’s appraisal review. The council agreed they are happy with the clerk’s performance to date and would like to proceed with the further training for the post.


10. To receive an update on the Notice of Vacancy in Office of Councillor

There is an interest in the current vacancy for a position of a parish councillor and an informal meeting took place with the potential candidate.


The parish council received confirmation that Councillor Terry Maggs has resigned of his position at the parish council. Once the process is formalized the council to inform B&NES and if there is no election request, to publicize the advert for a casual vacancy.  


11. Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)Leaflet – no update for that meeting. The leaflet to be discussed at the November meeting.


12. To receive an update regarding Coombe View – Councillor Shipman is working on the budget for the project and quotes for the drainage is expected for the November meeting


13. To receive further updates regarding:


1.     The Climate and Nature Emergency Group - A report from Compton Martin Climate Project group was read.


2.     Parish Councils Airport Association – The public inquiry hearing was ended and the decision is expected around the end of the year.




14. To receive an update regarding the hedge and bank at Mendip Orchard

A letter has been sent to the Chief Executive of B&NES complaining about the unsatisfactory response from B&NES planning department. Update on the response from the Chief Executive is due and will be discussed on the November meeting.




15.  To consider and comment on the following B&NES Planning Decisions received:


Application Reference: 21/03575/FUL
Address: Chew Valley Hire, Woodwick Farm, Bristol Road, Compton Martin, Bristol, Bath And North East Somerset, BS40 6NQ
Proposal: Erection of a permanent Rural Workers Dwelling following the removal of the existing temporary mobile home and stables. PENDING CONSIDERATION


Application Reference21/03730/FUL
: Police House, The Street, Compton Martin, Bristol, BS40 6JW
Proposal: Proposed two storey side extension to existing house. Ground floor reconfigured and proposed extension to provide open plan kitchen/family room. Upper floor reconfigured and proposed extension allows for an additional bedroom enabling the Police House to become a 4 bedroom family home. PENDING CONSIDERATION


         Application Reference: 21/03802/TCA
         Address: Yew Tree Cottage, Yew Tree Lane, Compton Martin, Bristol,BS40 6JS
         Proposal: Hawthorn (T1) - Remove. Yew Trees (T2) - Overgrown hedge, reduce sides      

 and top by 2m. Restore back to hedge. Plum (T3) - Remove. Pear (T4)- Remove.       

 Mixed Hedge (T5) - Reduce side and top by 1m. NO OBJECTION

 Application Reference21/03990/FUL
 Address: Greenacres Farm, Bristol Road, Compton Martin, Bristol, BS40 6NQ
 Proposal: Erection of single storey side and rear extensions following removal of existing garage and  conservatory. PENDING CONSIDERATION



16. To receive a report from the Planning Working Party and consider their   recommendations regarding the following Planning Applications.


16.1. Application Reference: 21/04387/TCA
Address: Yeo Valley Soring, Mill Lane, Compton Martin, Bristol, Bath And North East Somerset,
Proposal: T325 - ash - Remove to ground level T326 - ash - Remove to ground level T327 - ash - Remove to ground level T328 - ash - Remove to ground level T329 - ash - Remove to ground level T330 - ash - Remove to ground level T331 - ash - Remove to ground level.

It has been proposed and seconded that the Parish Council OBJECT to the above planning application and comment as follows:

·       The planning application fails to provide a sketch plan of which trees are being felled.

·       The planning application fails to give a reason for the work (presumably Ash dieback but that is neither stated nor evidenced).

·       The planning application fails to provide proposals for replanting trees.


16.2. Application Reference21/04333/TCA
Address: Earls Farm, The Street, Compton Martin, Bristol, Bath And North East Somerset, BS40 6JA
Proposal: (T1) Larch - fell.

Compton Martin Parish Council was unable to come up with recommendations for the above planning application since two councillors have declared interest in the agenda item and the parish council wouldn’t be quorate to vote and make decision for a consultation letter with recommendations.


17. Update from District Councillor Victor Pritchard


18.  Date of the next Parish Council Meeting  



8 November – The Old School Room (to be confirmed)