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April 11 2016
May 5 2016 Annual Parish Council Meeting
May 9 2016 Annual Parish Meeting
June 13 2016
July 11 2016
July 22 2016
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HELD ON 22 JULY 2016 AT 7.00 P.M.


Councillor R Chapman (RCh)
Councillor J Halling-Brown (JHB)
Councillor Dr AA Palmer (AAP) (Chairman)
Councillor E Taylor (ET)
District Councillor Victor Pritchard (VP)

Jane Griffiths – Clerk


1.         To receive and accept apologies for absence

            Apologies were received and accepted from:

    • Councillor Craig – Holiday
    • Councillor Jurkiw – Holiday
    • Councilor Moore – Work Commitments 

2.         Receive comments from the public

·         No comments received

3.         Receive declarations of interest in the agenda

·         No declarations of interest

4.         To approve and sign the minutes of the previous meetings

·         It was proposed and seconded that the signing of the minutes for the 11th July 2016  be placed on the agenda for the September meeting.

5.         Planning Applications                       

1.   To receive a report from the Planning Working Party and consider their recommendations regarding the following Planning Applications

      16/02744/FUL – The Old Rectory, Nempnett Thrubwell -   Erection of an agricultural storage barn.

      It was proposed and seconded that the parish council object in principle to this application and comment as follows:-

 3 in favour - 1 abstention


            Chew Valley Neighbourhood Plan. 

The draft Chew Valley Neighbourhood Plan, which covers the seven parishes around Chew Valley, was submitted to Bath & North East Somerset Council on 19 July 2016. This is in accordance with the Localism Act 2011. The Bath and North East Somerset Planning Department should consider applications in light of the Plan. 

The following areas of the Chew Valley Neighbourhood Plan will assist the Planning Department: 

Visual charts

‘HDE1-V1and V2 Characteristics that Reinforce Countryside Character within the Chew Valley Neighbourhood Plan Area’ provide visual landscape character summary of the area covered by the Chew Valley Neighbourhood Plan.  They particularly indicate the visual importance regarding field patterns, proportions, landscape setting, natural boundary treatments, trees, settlement positions and much more.  

Household Survey

In the CVNP household survey 84.9% agreed with the statement that ‘the green spaces and views are one of the main attractions of living in my village’. 

Chew Valley Neighbourhood Plan Policy HDE2

The Neighbourhood Plan will support planning applications that conserve the settlement character, including scale, materials and density. 

Visual Impact

Visual impact is also of importance regarding the Mendip Hills AONB.  AONBs  of the 1949 National Parks and Access to the countryside Act is to secure their permanent protection against development that would damage their special qualities.  


Long Views can be found on pages 21-24 of the Chew Valley Neighbourhood Plan as can  Policy HDE3 – Important Views – The Neighbourhood Plan will support planning applications that are sensitive to the importance of views in, out and around the Chew Valley and which protect and preserve those views. 


The application is for erection of a large barn, adjacent to a Listed Building, in Green Belt, sitting on the northern boundary of the Mendip Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). The site is visually prominent, overlooking the Mendip Hills to the South. It can be seen from the Mendip escarpment and the Chew Valley. 

Compton Martin Parish Council has taken note of, and is in strong agreement with, the comments (and helpful photographs) of Ubley Parish Council. 

The mass, size, height and scale of the proposed development would represent a considerable intrusion into the landscape. 

Policy NE1 states Development which does not either conserve or enhance the character and local distinctiveness of the landscape will not be permitted. 

Policy NE5 states Development in the Forest of Avon, as shown on the proposals map will only be permitted where it:

1.    Respects the existing and developing woodland setting. And

2.    Does not conflict with the objectives of the forest plan and had regard to its aims in the layout of development, including landscaping. 

The Parish Council would also direct the attention of the Planning Department to Policies: BH2, GB1, GB2, D2, D4, HG15. 

Site Location Plan

The site location plan exhibits the same features as that supplied with 10/04076/FUL on 21 September 2010. Given that the Delegated Report on the application for ‘erection of a building, which incorporates a garage, stables and ancillary space’ which entailed the demolition of three outbuildings which were spread about the site, it does appear that the location plan does not provide a true reflection of the current site usage. 

Planning History

The Parish Council refers the Planning Department to the Delegated Report (Tessa Hampden) on the last application 10/04076/FUL. That report referred to a 2007 application to increase the size of listed building by 20% which in 2010 became a 40% increase. The justification for exceeding guidelines was that removal of a garage would enhance the setting of the listed building. 

The Report referred to the Supplemental Planning Document making it clear that ‘the character of the dwelling and its surroundings need to be considered. The justification for approval was predicated on the removal of three buildings to ‘increase the openness of the Green Belt.’ 


Compton Martin Parish Council considers that the proposed development is totally out of keeping with the principles of the Green Belt, AONB and Chew Valley Neighbourhood Plan. The site, including a Listed Building, has been subject to considerable development and is already in excess of SPD guidelines. Compton Martin Parish Council has reviewed the application against the yardstick of Bath and North East Somerset Policies and refer the Planning Department to policies: BH2, GB1, GB2, D2, D4, HG15, NE5. 

For the avoidance of doubt, Compton Martin Parish Council strongly OBJECT IN PRINCIPLE to this application. 

6.         Date of the Next Meeting 

            Monday 12 September 2016 – 7.00 p.m. – Compton Martin Village Hall