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Agenda - October 9 2017

You are summoned to the Meeting of


9 October 2017

Compton Martin VILLAGE HALL at 7.00 p.m.





1.         To receive and accept apologies for absence

2.         Welcome Paul Shipman to the Council –

·         Councillor Shipman to sign the Declaration of Acceptance of Office

3.         Receive comments from the public

4.         Receive declarations of interest in the agenda

5.         To approve and sign the minutes of the previous meetings

·         11 September 2017

6.         Information, Correspondence and Finance

·         To Receive Payment and Receipts April 2017 – September 2017

·         To consider the Budget Process for 2018/19 - Will all members consider their budgetary requirements and bring to the November meeting. 

            To confirm the following payments and signing of cheques:


Cheque No or Standing Order

Cheque signed by





VAT Reclaim

Payee and Description






Mrs E Griffiths Clerk’s Salary






Mr P Havard – The Batch/Coombe View Grass Cutting - PAID

7.         Compton Martin Parish Council - Training

·         To consider Councillor Training – in-house

·         To approve training for the Clerk – Finance and Accounting 20th October 2017 

8.         Traffic Congestion and reducing the number of large vehicles   

·         To consider correspondence received from Blagdon Parish Council concerning local initiatives to assist with traffic congestion and reducing the number of large vehicles. 

9.         Community Empowerment Fund

·         To receive and consider the response from B&NES. 

10.       Chew Valley Neighbourhood Plan

·         To receive an update from Councillor Taylor regarding the Meeting on the 18 September regarding CIL payments.        

11.       New Local Plan and Housing and Employment Lane Availability Assessment (HELAA)

·         To consider the draft HELAA sites (to be received) at the end of September

·         To consider and approve the Parish Service Provision Survey  

12.       Planning Applications 

1.         To consider and comment on the following B&NES Planning Decisions received:

·         17/03652/LBA - Combe Farm, The Coombe, Compton Martin.  External alterations for the replacement of windows on a like for like basis.  Mr and Mrs Axel Palmer. CONSENT 

2.   To receive a report from the Planning Working Party and consider their recommendations regarding the following Planning Applications.

·         17/04129/FUL - Fairash Poultry Farm, Compton Martin Road, West Harptree - Conversion and part demolition of poultry sheds to form 3No dwellings and associated access and landscaping works (Resubmission).

·         17/03866/FUL – The Blue Bowl, Bristol Road, West Harptree

Erection of 2 polytunnels for horticultural use. 

13.       To receive Updates from Working Parties

            1. Coombe View and The Batch

            2. The Pond

            3. Highways  

·         To receive and consider the report covering the meeting with B&NES Highways Department.

·         To consider and agree recommendations received from the Highways Team regarding overhanging vegetation in Compton Martin and to agree the definition of Overhanging Vegetation.

·         To receive an update regarding work on the stream, Undertown Lane by Bristol Water and future work to be done.

4. Broadband Working Party

·         To receive an update

5.  Defibrillator

·         To consider a request from Ubley Parish Council to consider sharing the cost of a spare battery pack.  Approximate cost £100. 

6. Filming at Bickfield Farm

·         To receive an update

7. Finance Working Party

·         To consider and approve the Finance Working Party’s recommendations.

8. Footpaths

·         To receive an update 

14.       To receive reports from Councillors who have attended outside meetings and dates of future outside meetings.

·         Chew Valley Neighbourhood Plan – CIL – 18 September (Agenda Item 10 refers)

·         Chew Valley Forum – 27 September

·         ALCA Meeting 28 September

·         Flood Rep Meeting – 4 October

·         ALCA AGM Saturday 7 October

·         Parish Liaison Meeting – 26th October 

15.       To receive an update from District Councillor Victor Pritchard 

16.       Future Dates of Meetings


·         13th November 2017