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HELD ON THE 9 MAY 2022 AT 7.15 P.M.





Councillor Paul Shipman – Vice Chairman

Councillor Julie Thomas

Councillor Bradley Freeman

Councillor Simon Wood

District Councillor Victor Pritchard

Clerk Vesela Ilieva

1 Member of the Public


The Vice Chairman Paul Shipman opened the meeting and signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.


1.     To receive and accept apologies for absence

Councillor Chris Craig, Chairman - Holiday

2.     Receive comments from the public

There was one member of the public attending the meeting who pointed out that the current state of the BT telephone box is not acceptable given it central position to the village. The clerk to put on the Agenda for June Parish Council meeting.

3.     Receive declarations of interest in the agenda

No declaration of interest was put forward

4.     To approve and sign the minutes of the previous meetings

The minutes of 11 April to be signed at the next meeting of the Parish Council.

5.     To receive an update on the Internal Audit of the Parish Council Accounts for the year ended 31st March 2022.

The Clerk reported on the receipt of the Internal Audit report. There are few observation notes, including the clerk’s CiLCA qualification, frequency of review of the Assets Register and the Code of Transparency publication on the website. Overall the Council have not been given any negative responses for any of the Internal Control Objectives.

6.     Clerk’s update

The clerk has attended a Scribe accounting software presentation, which is used by many local authorities to securely manage public funds, increase productivity, reduce compliancy risks and includes unlimited access to training and support. The Finance Working Party to discuss weather it is something that the council should consider for the June Parish Council Meeting.

7.     Correspondence

·       Response from B&NES to the official complaint made by the Parish Council - The response to be considered at the next Parish Council Meeting in June.

·       Parishioner’s letter regarding the parking by the pond, Public Right of the way and maintenance of the Churchyard.


The Parish Council resolved with regards to the parking by the Pond, as it is not something that the Parish Council can deal with, to approach B&NES and ask if they can introduce double yellow lines by the Pump, to make it clear that parking is prohibited there.

An email to be send to the Parish Council email list reminding people to keep dogs on leads while farm animals are on the fields.

In relation to the maintenance of the Church yard, the Parish Council is annually giving a Grant towards the upkeeping of the Church yard.

8.     Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations in the village.

It was reported the preparations for the Celebrations of the Jubilee are well underway.  

9.     Update on the new Parish Council Website.

It was reported that the new website is in a process, a payment for Domain and Hosting to Cloud Next has been made.

10.  Defibrillator to consider the quotes for the defibrillator and decide on its position in

the village. It was proposed and seconded the Parish Council purchase a new Defibrillator. All agreed. The clerk to contact Butcombe property manager and ask a permission for the new Defibrillator to be positioned on the front of the pub. If Butcombe don’t allow installation, on the front the Post Office is the next obvious position.

11.  Insurance Renewal Quote

The Parish Council received a renewal quote from Gallagher.

The annual renewal of the Parish Council insurance is due by the end of May. It was proposed and seconded the Parish Council renew the insurance and enter a 3 year contract.

12.  Finance and Payments

To agree the following payments for May 2022.

It was proposed and seconded the Parish Council make the following payments:


Payment Authorised


Amount £

VAT Reclaim

Payee and Description



Total: £245.38









MultiPay Card, Direct Debit May, to include:

Zoom – monthly fee April-May

Card monthly fee May    

CloudNext Domain for the Website    

CloudNext Premium Hosting for the Website





Vesela Ilieva – May 2022 Salary





Jubilee Celebrations Mugs





ALCA Year End accounts and Audit Training





Parish Online Training- Chagos Consulting





Primrose Garden Maintenance-Grass Cut Apr





PCAA Subscription 2022-2023


13.  Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) applications for funding

It was reported that Parish Council received 3 requests for CIL application and the application has been distributed through the Parish Council email list.

14.  To receive further updates regarding:

1.     Parish Councils Airport Association – BAAN is appealing against the decision of the Inspectorate and that is currently in process. PCAA are considering a way forward working more closely with the airport.   

2.     Sewerage works – a meeting between a representative of Wessex Water and a Councillor took place in the village for further discussions about the upcoming road closures due to the sewerage work. Residents of the Rectory Lane, which is due to be closed week commencing 16th May has been informed of a possibility to park their vehicles overnight in the Village Hall car park for the duration of the sewerage works.

At the time of its closure Highfield Lane will have additional signage at the top of the Wrangle to inform that the bottom part is closed and the entrance is for access of residents only. The closure of the Street in October will be at night time to minimise the impact. Signage at YeoTree Lane and Mill Lane will be placed to warn the diversion is not suitable for large vehicles.

3.     Coombe View – it was reported that Coombe View has been landscaped in preparation for planting.

4.     Community Speed Watch – it was reported that 5 participants in the Speed Watch program have completed the initial training and registered their interest with the Avon and Somerset Police.

5.     Highways infrastructure – no report for this meeting

15.  To consider and comment on the following B&NES Planning Decisions received:

Application Reference: 21/04879/FUL; Parcel 7568, Highfield Lane, Compton Martin

Erection of a stable with feed store and change of use of land from agricultural to mixed equine and agriculture. PENDING CONSIDERATION

Application Reference: 22/00390/FUL Parsons Hill, Rectory Lane, Compton Martin,

BS40 6JP. Alterations to an existing outbuilding and conversion to home office and ancillary domestic storage. PENDING CONSIDERATION

Application Reference: 22/00975/FUL Elm Cottage, The Street, Compton Martin, BS40 6JE. Erection of detached double garage to the rear of host dwelling PENDING CONSIDERATION

Application Reference: 22/01013/FUL Coombe Orchard, The Street, Compton Martin,

BS40 6JA. Erection of two-storey rear extension. PERMIT

Application Reference: 22/01214/FUL Brook Cottage, The Street, Compton Martin, BS40 6JA. Erection of single storey rear extension PENDING CONSIDERATION

Application Reference22/01324/TCA Yeo Valley Soring, Mill Lane, Compton Martin, 7Ash trees - reduce to standing stems of 3m height, crowns to be removed. NO OBJECTION


16.  To receive a report from the Planning Working Party and consider their recommendations regarding the following Planning Applications.

16.1.Application Reference: 22/01535/FUL 10 Mendip Villas, Compton Martin, Bristol,

Bath And North East Somerset, BS40 6JG
Proposal: Erection of two storey side extension

Compton Martin Parish Council reviewed all the documentation provided and consider the proposal is broadly in line with the policies and aspirations of the Neighbourhood Plan. It was proposed and seconded to SUPPORT this applicationAll in favour.

16.2. Application Reference: 22/01571/FUL, High View, The Street, Compton Martin,

Bristol, Bath And North East Somerset, BS40 6JQ
Proposal: Erection of an enhanced entrance enclosure to an annex.

The decision for this planning application has been postponed until 19th May Annual Parish Council Meeting.

16.3.Application Reference: 22/01709/FUL,  Parcel 8800 And 9000, The Street,

Compton Martin, Bristol, Bath And North East Somerset,
Proposal: Change of use and extension of agricultural building to a holiday let.

The decision for this planning application has been postponed until 19th May Annual Parish Council Meeting.

17.  Update from District Councillor Victor Pritchard

18.   Date of the next Parish Council Meeting  

19 May 2022 – Annual Parish Council Meeting, Village Hall 7.15pm

            13 June 2022 – Parish Council Meeting, Village Hall 7.15pm