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Agenda - 13 June 2022
Agenda - 19 May 2022 Annual Parish Council Meeting
Agenda - 9 May 2022
Agenda - 11 April 2022
Agenda - 14 March 2022
Agenda - 22 February 2022 Extraordinary Meeting
Agenda - 14 February 2022
Agenda - 10 January 2022
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Agenda - 13 September 2021
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Agenda - 19 May 2022 Annual Parish Council Meeting

You are invited to the Annual Parish Council Meeting of


19 May 2022 - Compton Martin Village Hall 7.15 p.m.




       1. Election of Officers:          

                     1. Chairman

      • To elect the Chairman of the Council
      • The Newly Elected Chairman to sign the Declaration of Acceptance of Office

                     2. Vice Chairman/Chairmen

      • To elect the Vice Chairman/Vice Chairmen of the Council
      • The Newly Elected Vice Chairman/Vice Chairmen to sign the Declaration of Acceptance of Office

                    3. All Councillors to sign Declaration of Acceptance of Office

     4. Proper Officer and Responsible Financial Officer (Clerk)

     5. Press Representative

     6. Compton Martin Village Hall Representative

     7. ALCA Representatives

     8. Chew Valley Forum Representative

     9. Local Flood Representative B&NES

      2. To receive and accept apologies for absence

      3. To receive any declaration of interest (Dpi) in the agenda

4. Public Participation Session - The Public Participation Session provides an opportunity for members of the public to raise questions about and comment on items on the agenda.  Time for this session is limited to 10 minutes (three minutes per person).

5.      To approve and sign the minutes of the previous meeting

·        11 April 2022 – Parish Council Meeting

6.      To review and adopt the STANDING ORDERS for Compton Martin Parish Council 

7.      To review and adopt the CODE OF CONDUCT for Compton Martin Parish Council

8.      To review and adopt the FINANCIAL REGULATIONS for Compton Martin Parish Council

·        Internet Banking Policy

9.      To appoint an INTERNAL AUDITOR – IAC Limited to audit the accounts for 2022/23

10.  To review the Working Party structures and to appoint members and a chairman 

1.      Finance Working Party

2.      Planning Working Party and lead for HELAA and CIL

3.      Highways Working Party

4.      Speed Watch Working Party

5.      Coombe View/The Batch and Pond Working Party

11.  To review and adopt the following Parish Council POLICIES for 2022/2023.

1.      General Data Protection Regulations

2.      Equal Opportunities

3.      Freedom of Information

4.      Health and Safety

5.      Protocol on Filming

6.      Grant Policy to include approval of Grant Application Form

7.      Training Policy

8.      Overhanging Vegetation Policy

9.      Complaints Procedure Policy

12.  Insurance Policy

         To confirm the Parish Council’s wish to continue to work with Gallagher as the Parish Council’s

          insurance agents.

13.  To review and adopt the Council ASSET REGISTER for 2022/23 and confirm that assets of Compton Martin Parish Council have been checked.

14.  To review and adopt the Council RISK ASSESSMENT for 2022/23

15.  Draft Minutes - To confirm the Parish Council’s wish to publish Draft minutes of Parish Council Meetings on the Parish Council website before approval.

16.  Parish Council Meetings - To confirm and agree that future meetings of Compton Martin Parish Council will be held on the second Monday of each month (with the exception of August).

17.   To consider and comment on the following B&NES Planning Decisions received:

Application Reference: 21/04879/FUL; Parcel 7568, Highfield Lane, Compton Martin, Erection of a stable with feed store and change of use of land from agricultural to mixed equine and agriculture. PENDING CONSIDERATION

Application Reference: 22/00390/FUL Parsons Hill, Rectory Lane, Compton Martin, BS40 6JP. Alterations to an existing                outbuilding and conversion to home office and ancillarydomestic storage. PENDING CONSIDERATION

Application Reference: 22/00975/FUL Elm Cottage , The Street, Compton Martin, BS40 6JE. Erection of detached double garage to the rear of host dwelling. PENDING CONSIDERATION

Application Reference: 22/01214/FUL Brook Cottage , The Street, Compton Martin, BS40 6JA. Erection of single storey rear extension. PENDING CONSIDERATION

Application Reference: 22/01535/FUL 10 Mendip Villas, Compton Martin, Bristol, Bath And North East Somerset, BS40 6JG
Proposal: Erection of two storey side extension. PENDING CONSIDERATION

18.  To receive a report from the Planning Working Party and consider their recommendations regarding the following Planning Applications.

18.1. Application Reference: 22/01571/FUL
Application Address: High View, The Street, Compton Martin, BS40 6JQ
Proposal: Erection of an enhanced entrance enclosure to an annex.

18.2. Application Reference: 22/01709/FUL
Application Address: Parcel 8800 And 9000, The Street, Compton Martin
Proposal: Change of use and extension of agricultural building to a holiday let.

18.3.  Application Reference: 22/01841/CONSLT
Application Address: Yeo Valley Soring, Mill Lane, Compton Martin
Proposal: Consultation request from the Forestry Commission regarding application for felling license.

19.  Clerk’s Report

20.  To confirm and approve the following payments:






VAT Reclaim

Payee and Description





IAC Internal Audit





Data Protection Fee Direct Debit

      21. To receive further updates regarding:

1. Coombe View

               2. Highways

3. Toad Signs

               4. Website

       22. To receive an update from District Councillor Victor Pritchard

       23. Future Dates of Meetings

Parish Council meeting - 13 June 2022 Village Hall 7.15pm

Chew Valley Area Forum – 14 June 2022