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HELD ON THE 14 MARCH 2022 AT 7.15 P.M.




Councillor Chris Craig (CC) – Chairman

Councillor Paul Shipman (PS) - Vice Chairman

Councillor Julie Thomas (JT)

Councillor Simon Wood (SW)

Councillor Bradley Freeman (BF)

District Councillor Victor Pritchard

Clerk Vesela Ilieva


The Chairman Chris Craig opened the meeting and signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.



1.     To receive and accept apologies for absence

All the Councillors were present.


2.     Receive comments from the public

      There were no members of the public attending the meeting.


3.     Receive declarations of interest in the agenda

There were no declarations of interests in the items on the agenda.


4.     To approve and sign the minutes of the previous meetings

It was proposed and seconded the minutes of 14 February Parish Council meeting be approved and signed. All in favour.

It was proposed and seconded the minutes of 22 February Extraordinary Parish Council meeting be approved and signed. All in favour.


5.     Finance and Payments

1.     Update from finance working party.

The National Joint Council for Local Government Services (NJC) has agreed new rates of pay for clerks applicable from 1 April 2021. It has been proposed and seconded the council to implement the backpay covering the period 1April 2021 31 March 2022.The clerk to contact the payroll and ask the awarded pay to be included in April payslip. All voted in favour.

2.To agree the following payments for March 2022.

It has been proposed and seconded the following payments for March 2022 are made. All in favour.




Payment Authorised by




VAT Reclaim

Payee and Description











MultiPay Card, Direct Debit March, to include:

Zoom – monthly fee Feb-March

Card monthly fee March





Vesela Ilieva – March 2022 Salary










PATA Payroll service Jan-March





Geni Printing Speed watch flyer





Village Hall usage charge March 21-April 22


6.     Correspondence

1.     Public right of the way maintenance.

The Parish Council has been contacted by B&NES Environmental Services regarding the work, which an organization called Bath Ramblers, could do on the Public Right of the way footpaths in the parish. The Council has been asked to have a look around and report back any small jobs or projects that the parish would like done in the summer.  

2.     Fallen trees in the Compton Martin woods.

The clerk received correspondence from a parishioner pointing there were some fallen trees on footpaths in Compton Martin Wood. B&NES have been notified with the issue and they will make contact with landowners to clear the footpaths.


7.     Highways

1.     Highways Infrastructure report.

No report for this meeting.

2.     Community Speed Watch.

It has been reported that after the distribution of the flyer, the speed watch program has now had 7 volunteers who have expressed interest to participate in the community speed watch. The Parish Council resolved, in order not to lose momentum, to launch the scheme in a week time and continue looking to expand the number of volunteers.

3.     Toad signs.

The Toad signs approved on the last Parish Council meeting have been requested. The clerk to pursue the case further.


4.     Street weeds clearing.

It was reported that B&NES cleansing team have cleared the weeds on footpaths along the village and the main A368 road have been swept after. Councillors noted on parishioners’ positive comments regarding the tidier appearance of the village.

5.     Sewerage works.

Councillors have met the Wessex Water representative and the project for the sewerage works has been explained and discussed. That will result in local road closures. The Wessex Water representative is due to visit the road closure sites and meet parish councillors to discuss the diversions and problems resulting of the road closures. The Wessex Water will communicate with residents before the works start.  

6.     Road closures.

There will be three road closures during the sewerage works taking place in May, June and October. There are further road closures by Talent/ Gigaclear on Harptree Hill, Mill Lane, Undertown and The Batch in July. The clerk to communicate those through the parish email list, the Notice Board and the parish council website.


8.     Coombe View

The Coombe View has been landscaped and the drainage work has been completed in an exceptional level. The planting of plants will start at the end of March, a community planting event will be launched in April.

An initial sum of £1400 has been proposed and seconded to be spend out of CIL money to cover the cost of plants to go on Coombe View. Those money relate to the overall budget the Council set in February. All agreed.


9.     Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).

To agree the content and cost of the information flyer.

CIL is going to be the main topic at the Annual Parish meeting, which this year will be held on 6th April in Compton Martin Village Hall at 7pm. Coombe View will be a model project and the Annual Parish meeting will be a good opportunity for the council to seek feedback from parishioners.  

It was proposed and seconded the cost of £75.00 for the printing of the flyers to inform the parishioners of the Annual parish meeting and its main focus. All agreed.


10.  The Queen’s Jubilee.

The organization of the Celebration of The Queen’s Jubilee is progressing. It was reported that the Village Hall, the Church, and the Pub will take part in organizing events throughout the long weekend.


11.  The Pond and the Pump.

The Pond is looking clear and so far this year it does not need a cut.


12.  To receive further updates regarding:

1.     The Climate and Nature Emergency Group.

An extensive report from the Group has been received and greatly appreciated and the councillor suggested representative from the parish council to their future meeting will be a good idea to keep intact with their current projects.

2.     Parish Councils Airport Association.

Parish Council Airport Association has decided not to pursue the case and challenge the decision of the Inspectorate to allow the expansion of the airport, due to not sufficient support from the parishes in the association. A reminder that Compton Martin Parish Council voted to support the PCAA if they decide to challenge the decision together with BAAN.

Since the PCAA decision was issued, BAAN have progressed to instructing their QC to look for ways on challenging the decision and launched a crowdfunding fundraiser. At this stage Compton Martin Parish Council does not feel in a position to make a decision whether to support BAAN, and it has been noted that when BAAN organization comes out with more information about the way they are going forward, the Parish Council will review it and decide how to contribute.

3.     Mendip Orchard

The Council has submitted an official complaint to B&NES regarding the planning department’s handling of Mendip Orchard Development and particularly its frontage, also The Chief Executive response to the raised case.


13.  To consider the quotes received for a new website.

After a worthy discussion the Parish Council will seek further clarification from website providers and bring the subject to the next meeting.


14.  Grass Cutting. To consider continue working with Primrose Garden and the quote provided.

It was proposed and seconded that the Parish Council continue use contractual grass cutting services from Primrose Garden Maintenance. The quoted prices have been slightly increased but the Parish Council have budgeted for the increase and happy with the work provided last year. All voted in favour.


15.  Parish Council Meeting Calendar for 2022/2023 - to agree the dates for next year.

The Parish Council agreed to the Dates of the next year calendar of meetings.


16.  To consider and comment on the following B&NES Planning Decisions received:

20.3. Application Reference: 21/04879/FUL; Parcel 7568, Highfield Lane, Compton   Martin

Erection of a stable with feed store and change of use of land from agricultural to mixed equine and agriculture. PENDING CONSIDERATION


17.  To receive a report from the Planning Working Party and consider their   recommendations regarding the following Planning Applications.

No Planning Applications to be considered on this meeting

18.  Update from District Councillor Victor Pritchard

Parking Charges in Midsomer Norton

Bath residents parking charges

Keynsham High Street update

Clevedon bridge

Virgin Care

Recreational Footway



19.   Date of the next Parish Council Meeting  11 April 2022 – Village Hall Compton Martin


 Annual Parish Meeting 6th April at Compton Martin Village Hall, 7pm