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Minutes Annual Parish Meeting 6th April 2022
Minutes Annual Parish Meeting 6th April 2022





Councillor Chris Craig (CC) – Chairman

Councillor Paul Shipman (PS) - Vice Chairman

Councillor Julie Thomas (JT)

Councillor Bradley Freeman (BF)

District Councillor Victor Pritchard

Clerk Vesela Ilieva

18 Members of the Public including Representatives of external organizations presenting their reports to the public attending the meeting.


  1.     Welcome

The Chairman of Compton Martin Parish Council Chris Craig welcomed the public and introduced the current members of the Parish Council – Vice Chairman Paul Shipman, Councillor Julie Thomas, Councillor Bradley Freeman, Councillor Simon Wood who was unable to attend the meeting and the clerk Vesela Ilieva.

The Chairman thanked Terry Maggs who resigned from the Parish Council in October 2021 for his contribution to the work of the Parish council.

There are two vacancies for members of the Parish Council, and everyone interested is encouraged to get in contact.


The Chairman Councillor Craig expressed the greatest Thanks on the behalf of the Parish Council to Mrs Janie Griffiths who retied of her position as a Clerk to the Parish Council at the end of June 2021. Gratitude for her tireless role to support the Parish Council and the community in the last 17 years were expressed in a form of a gift from members of the community and the parish council. Everyone wished Janie a happy, healthy well-deserved retirement.


 2.     Community Infrastructure Levy.

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a planning charge, designed to help deliver infrastructure (such as schools, transport links, open spaces, recreational or waste facilities) to serve the residents and users of developments in our area.

CIL is payable on new developments, including housing, student accommodation, supermarkets and hotels. Development which creates additional floor space of 100 square metres or more, or creates a new dwelling of any size, will be liable for CIL.

The whole of the CIL money gets paid to B&NES by the developer and the parish gets a percentage of that money paid in three separate instalments during the build process.

The percentage that is retained by B&NES is known as the Strategic CIL and the percentage that is paid to the parish is known as Neighbourhood CIL (NCIL).

The percentage that is paid to the parish is increased if there is a neighbourhood plan in place, so Compton Martin receives 25% rather than the standard 15%.

As a Parish we have 5 years in which to spend these monies.

The CIL Regulations require the neighbourhood portion of CIL (NCIL) to be used to support the development of the local area by funding:

“The provision, improvement, replacement, operation or maintenance of infrastructure;

or anything else that is concerned with addressing the demands that development places on an area”.

CIL cannot be used as a replacement for everyday Parish Council expenditure and misspent NCIL can be claimed back by B&NES Council.

We have £33,278.92 of CIL money.

Applications typically from either existing local groups or new groups set up to manage a specific project.

Projects will be managed by these groups NOT the Parish Council.

A simple, two-page, application document will be available from next week.

The PC can provide assistance will filling out the application form.

Expenditure will be managed through the PC and must follow its rules.

The PC has to report back all CIL expenditure to Bath&NES annually.

Any misspent money is liable for repayment!

Timeline: Now – register interest with Parish Clerk.

12/04 – Application form available.

12/04 – 23/06  Create project groups, flesh out ideas, work on resources, budgets and timelines. Evidence need and support. Return application form.

24/6 – 1/7 PC initial review of applications by PC with applicants.

11/7 – PC meeting. First decisions about selected projects

Please note: this will then be a rolling process for any new applications, depending on funds available.

Coombe View

The Parish Council has made the decision to fund the redevelopment of Coombe View out of CIL Monies.

The Project has already seen tree planting, although this part was donated - so no expenditure.

Drainage installed to reduce the flooding problem that has existed on the site and some hard landscaping.

Planting is starting this month and we will be looking for volunteers to assist.

The Budget for Coombe View is £8360 of CIL funds.  

Reports from External Organizations.

  • The Village Hall Committee represented on the meeting by its Secretary Helen Newton

has come up with and an idea of increasing biodiversity and developing the Amenity Field enclosed, used and maintained by the Village Hall, but owned by the Parish Council.

Helen on the behalf of the Village Hall Committee made a presentation of the plan of redevelopment, which will be a project considered for CIL funding.

  • Chew Valley Plant Trees was the second organisation to make a presentation and its

representative Ben Moss explained to the public the importance of tree planting and reported on places already planted with trees and the potential sites the organisation is looking at to plant next in the Chew Valley area and especially close to Compton Martin.

  • Compton Martin Climate Project represented by Ben Newton and Kimberly

Bartholomew has many ideas of how to live sustainably. They made a presentation to the public of their recent work. The Climate Project group’s first major engagement will be in support of Ukrainian Crisis but also a big effort to reduce the impact of fast fashion. CMCP are organizing a clothes swap event on 23 April 2022, 1-5pm at Compton Martin Village Hall. Community Buying Scheme, Solar Power for Compton Martin, Thermal Home Survey, increasing the Biodiversity of Amenity Field and Eco Hub are other projects currently underway.

  • Chew Valley Area Forum and Climate and Nature Emergency Working Group

were represented by Jackie Head and Matt Jackson. Their current work includes:

Earth matters: Information column in Chew Valley Gazette.

Home Energy: Home insulation measures & collective solar power buying scheme.

Nature Protection: Wildlife corridors & light pollution.

Transport: Cross valley survey led to working directly with B&NES & WECA on rural public transport enhancement, part on new Sustainable Transport Forum in B&NES. Cross valley EV charging points research. Ambition for shuttle bus or enhanced DRT for valley.

Renewable energy: Developing guidelines for solar panel applications.

Bristol Water: a joint project piloting attitude/behaviour change in water use.

  • District Councillor Victor Pritchard spoke to the public about

Keynsham High Street

Parking Charges in Midsomer Norton

Bathampton Meadows

Virgin Care


Bath residents parking charges