Schedule of Payments
8 April 2019
24 April 2019 - Annual Parish Meeting
13 May 2019 - Annual Parish Council Meeting
10 June 2019
8 July 2019
9 September 2019
14 October 2019
11 November 2019
9 December 2019
13 January 2020
10 February 2020
9 March 2020
8 April 2019


HELD ON 8 APRIL 2019 AT 7.00 P.M.



Councillor A Jurkiw – (AJ) Chairman

Councillor J Halling-Brown –(JHB)

Councillor P Shipman – (PS)

Councillor P Walton – (PW)

Clerk Jane Griffiths

District Councillor Victor Pritchard

7 Members of the Public


1.         To receive and accept apologies for absence

·         Councillor R Chapman – due to illness

·         Councillor C Craig – Holiday

·         Councillors K Moore – Prior Commitment


2.         Receive comments from the public

·         No comments were received

3.         Receive declarations of interest in the agenda

·         PS declared an interest in Agenda Item 8 3.1

·         AJ declared an interest in Agenda Item 10.2.1


4.         To approve and sign the minutes of the previous meetings

·         It was proposed and seconded that the minutes of the 11 March 2019 be approved and signed.  All in favour.


5.         1.         Correspondence/Emails.

·         To confirm the following payments and signing of cheques:

It was proposed and seconded that the following payments be made.  All in favour.


Cheque No or Standing Order

Cheque signed by





VAT Reclaim

Payee and Description







Mrs E Griffiths Clerk’s Salary – April 2019






Refreshments for the Annual Parish Meeting - 2019






ALCA  - Annual subscription for 2019/20






Viking Direct – Stationery for new parish councillors


6.         Accounts for the Year Ended 31st March 2019

    1. To receive the accounts for the year ended 31st March 2019.

The updated Payments and Receipts Accounts were distributed to all councillors.  The Clerk confirmed that a refund of VAT for 2018/19 had not achieved the £100 threshhold and therefore the parish council was unable to claim at this stage. 

    1. To receive an update on the Internal Audit of the Parish Council Accounts for the year ended 31st March 2019.

Having discussed the Payments and Receipts Accounts for the year ended 31st March 2019 councillors then discussed the total gross income and expenditure for 2018/19 and reviewed the flow chart provided by the External Auditors.

    1. To confirm and approve that the Parish Council wish to certify themselves as exempt from a limited assurance review under Section 9 of the Local Audit (Smaller Authorities) Regulation 2015.

It was proposed and seconded that Compton Martin Parish Council was an Exempt Authority and that the Chairman should sign AGAR Part 2 Exemption Certificate, which the Clerk will then send to the External Auditor.  All in favour

    1. The Chairman of Compton Martin Parish Council to sign the Certificate of Exemption, to be completed by smaller authorities where the higher of gross income or gross expenditure did not exceed £25,000 in the year of account ended 31 March 2019.

The Chairman signed AGAR Part 2 Exemption Certificate.


7.         Update on Nominations for the position of Parish Councillors for Compton Martin

·         To receive an update on nominations

The Clerk confirmed that a Statement of Persons nominated had been received from B&NES. 


It was also confirmed that as the number of candidates validly nominated does not exceed the number of seats for Compton Martin Parish Council the election will not be contested on Thursday 2 May.


The persons validly nominated are:

R F Chapman, C S Craig, J L Halling-Brown, T N Maggs, P M Shipman, and P Walton.



8.         To receive Updates from Working Parties

            1. Coombe View and The Batch

·         To receive an update regarding the grass cutting arrangements for 2019/20.

The Clerk confirmed that grass cutting had commenced.  The contractor had pointed out the problem of moles and it was agreed that this situation needed to be monitored by the new parish council.

            2. The Pond  

·         The Clerk was able to confirm that a date for the 11th May had been set for the pond weed to be cut, with a further date in September pencilled in should the need arise.  The Clerk confirmed no events were taking place during that weekend.

            3. Highways  


·         To receive an update and consider tenders sent out regarding work to bus shelters – (Report distributed to councillors)

A report had been circulated to appropriate parish councillors prior to the meeting.  It was proposed and seconded that as this is a long term project to ensure the bus shelters are sage, workable and in good repair for the next 10 – 15 years the outlay of money is considerable. It is therefore proposed that the new Highways Team are given the opportunity to assess and decide on the spend.  All in favour.


·         To receive an update regarding the painting of the Village Pump

(Report distributed to councillors)

A report had been circulated to all parish councillors prior to the meeting.  It was proposed and seconded that the decision on how to proceed should be made once the funding route is more transparent, after the May elections.  If the Community Empowerment Fund is utilised, there will be a need for a councillor to take on the responsibility of organising this project, as was done last time, using the experience the parish council gained from the herringbone wall project.  All in favour.

·         To consider the work cutting of the hedge and verge from Mendip Villas to Leamon Cottage.

The Clerk confirmed that a local contractor had been found who was prepared to take over the hedge and bank cutting at Leamon Cottage to Mendip Villas.  However having discussed this work with the local contractor, the planning application for the 10 houses on the former orchard was unexpectedly permitted and work started the following week. It was confirmed by the owners of Leamon Cottage that they will be retaining some of the hedge and bank and for this reason it was proposed and seconded that this work be delayed until the new parish council can consider this matter in detail.  All in favour.


8.         To receive Updates from Working Parties

            4. Broadband

AJ was pleased to report he had received a response from Truespeed to his letter in the summer of 2018.  Truespeed accepted there were issues with the service which they are trying to remedy. 

9          Annual Parish Meeting – 24th April 2019

·         To consider the final agenda

The Clerk had sent to all councillors the Agenda for the Annual Parish Meeting and the PowerPoint presentation.  Queries to be directed to the Clerk.

10.       Planning Applications

1.         To consider and comment on the following B&NES Planning Decisions received:

  1. 17/00075/FUL – Land between Leamon Cottage and Mendip Villas, The Street, Compton Martin.  The erection of 10no dwelling houses, including access on to The Street, 24no of street parking spaces, and associated soft/hard landscaping.  – Revised Landscape Proposals – PERMITTED
  2. Application No: 19/00582/TCA, Springfield House Tree Works Notification – Beech Tree Crown Lift and Crown Reduce. – NO OBJECTION
  3. Application No: 19/00598/TCA Brid House, The Street – Goat Willow – Repollard.  Leylandeii Group 1 – Reduce.  Leylandeii Group 2 – Remove.  – NO OBJECTION
  4. Application No: 19/00750/TCA – Ivy Cottage, Rectory Lane – Cypress, Silver Birch and Cherry – Fell.  Apple – Crown Reduce and prune – NO OBJECTION


2.   To receive a report from the Planning Working Party and consider their recommendations regarding the following Planning Applications.



1.      19/00899/FUL – The Barn, Unregistered Property, The Street, Compton Martin, Erection of single storey side extension with link to existing garage and hip roof following removal of dormer window and sloping roof section. Mr and Mrs Michael Weaver. 

The Planning Working Party had met to consider this application.  It was proposed and seconded that with the following comments under consideration, there is general support for the application.

We would make the following comments on the application:

1.      Under Policy HDE1: Rural Landscape Character and HDE12b we would propose that the screening to the south of the property along the road boundary, is reinforced to maintain the landscape setting, with planting of new trees and /or hedgerow.

2.      Under HDE 15: Dark Skies Policy, development must design lighting to minimise the risk of light spillage beyond the development site boundary.

The proposed single storey link is showing a significant amount of glazing and we would ask that light spillage is considered within the design proposals.




  1. 18/02543/FUL - Chew Valley Lake Walking and Cycle Trail for walkers and cyclists around Chew Valley Lake (including associated engineering works) NOW AMENDED SUCH THAT THE EASTERN SECTION AND SOUTHERN SECTION ARE NOW EXCLUDED FROM THE APPLICATION.  PERMISSION NOW SOUGHT FOR NORTH-WEST SECTION ONLY.   Applicant – Sustrans Limited –  NEW DRAWINGS AND REPORT


The Planning Working Party had met to consider this application.  It was proposed and seconded that having reviewed the three further documents submitted under the planning application the parish council would make the following comments:  All in favour.


1.      Bristol Water park their vans and trucks regularly outside the tower on the Chew Valley Dam Lake.

With the reduction in the overall road width to 5.5M, whilst still supporting two-way traffic, we question whether regular parking of vans on the lakeside highway, will cause an obstruction and lead to unsafe manoeuvring of vehicles?

2.      We would query the crossing proposals at the Chew Stoke end of the dam, where the new shared footway finishes and the footpath continues on the other side of the road?

3.      The proposal to maintain a 30-mile speed limit along this stretch of road is welcomed. Will there be a condition on the consent which requires post implementation monitoring of the highway and the possibility of further traffic calming measures if required?

4.      In relation to the CVLRT running along the Sailing Club Driveway, we welcome the new hedge to be planted to minimise visual disturbance to lake birds, but ask whether due consideration has been taken of the impact on the SSSI from a broader ecological perspective?

5.      The Parish Council remain concerned that the proposed level of parking for the scheme will not be adequate for the increase in users.

3.      19/01074/TCA – Tree Trimming Works for Western Power – Streamside, Mill Lane, Compton Martin – Trimming of a Eucalyptus away from the LV conductor

·         It was proposed and seconded that there was no objection to these tree works.  All in favour.

11. To receive reports from Councillors who have attended outside meetings and dates of future outside meetings.

·         No outside meetings attended

12.       To receive an update from District Councillor Victor Pritchard


13.       Future Dates of Meetings

24 April 2019 – Annual Parish Meeting


13 May 2019 – Annual Parish Council Meeting