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Councillor Chris Craig (CC) – Chairman

Councillor Paul Shipman (PS) - Vice Chairman

Councillor Julie Thomas (JT)

Councillor Bradley Freeman (BF)

Councillor Simon Wood (SW)

Clerk: Vesela Ilieva


1 Member of the public


The Chairman Chris Craig opened the meeting.


1.     To receive and accept apologies for absence

All Councillors were present.


2.     Receive comments from the public

A Member of the Public attended the meeting and made a comment on the disappointment of the decision of the Inspectorate to allow the airport expansion.


3.     Receive declarations of interest in the agenda

There were no declarations of interests in the items on the agenda.


4.     Parish Council Airport Association – to consider and agree the response to the Bristol

Airport Appeal Decision.

The Parish Council Airport Association (PCAA), which the Compton Martin Parish Council is a member of, has wrote to its members asking them of their views on the way forward after the Inspectorate decision to allow expanding of Bristol Airport.

The Association has put forward four suggestions for the way forward, which Compton Martin Parish Council considered. The suggestions were as follows:


·       North Somerset Council challenge the decision and PCAA become an interested party. 

·       North Somerset Council doesn’t challenge the decision, in which case:   

·       The PCAA challenge the decision  

·       The PCAA challenge the decision with Bristol Airport Action Network (BAAN) 


The Councillors discussed the highlighted options and the Parish Council resolved that the best way forward is for the PCAA to join forces with BAAN to challenge the decision.

It was proposed and seconded, and everyone agreed that the best option is the Parish Council to leave it to the PCAA and BAAN to share decision for the way forward and that Compton Martin Parish Council support them with the process.


It was noted that at this meeting and at this stage Compton Martin Parish Council was unable to confirm any financial contribution.

It was also proposed and seconded to write to the Secretary of State Michael Gove and the local MP and express the parish council dismay at the decision made by the Inspectorate on Bristol Airport and the disappointment and fail in the democratic process. All voted in favour.



5.     Coombe View – To consider the quotes received for the drainage work at Coombe View.

 The plans for Coombe View have been circulated and consulted on over the past 6 months and all the feedback have been positive. The working group have already planted 6 trees in memory of previous residents of Compton Martin. In order to move forward on Coombe View project, planting needs to take place in the spring, but drainage work need to be completed beforehand. At this extraordinary meeting the three quotes obtained for the drainage work have been discussed and it was proposed and seconded the contract to execute the work be awarded to Gibbons, a local company, which services the parish council used on some occasions in the past. All voted in favour.

The budget for completing the Coombe View project has been presented to the council and all agreed that this is going to be an example of CIL money spending to benefit everyone in the village.


6.     To  approve the following payments made in January.



Payment Authorised by




VAT Reclaim

Payee and Description








MultiPay Card Direct Debit for January to include:

Zoom – monthly fee Dec-Jan

Card monthly fee December 21


It was proposed and seconded the above payments are agreed. All in favour.


7.      Date of the next Parish Council Meeting  

                         14 March 2022 – Village Hall Compton Martin