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Agenda - 22 June
Agenda - 4 May 2021
Agenda - 20 April 2021
Agenda - 12 April 2021 - Cancelled
Agenda - 8 March 2021
Agenda - 8 February 2021
Agenda - 11 January 2021
Agenda - 14 December 2020
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Agenda - 11 January 2021

You are summoned to the Meeting of


Monday 11 January 2021 – 7.15 p.m.


The Local Authorities and Police and Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020 (“the 2020 Regulations”) came into force on the 4 April 2020.


The 2020 Regulations enable parish councils to hold remote meetings (including by video and telephone conferencing for a specified period until May 2021).


Compton Martin Parish Council will be using


If members of the public wish to remotely join the meeting, please use the following


Meeting ID: 856 2648 8582

Passcode: 050480


Please note there is a need to deal with the public participation session in a different way, if any member of the public which to raise an issue, please email the clerk,

by 5.00 p.m. on Friday 8 January 2021



1.         To receive and accept apologies for absence                      

2.         Receive declarations of interest in the agenda

3.         To consider items put forward by members of the public

·        The Mendip Hunt

Mendip Orchard, hedge and bank (To be discussed at Agenda Item 17.)


4.         To approve the minutes of the previous meetings (Minutes to be signed at a later date)

·        14 December 2020 – Parish Council Meeting


5.         To receive an update on the Ring O Bells Compton Martin to include the Parish Councils proposal to register the Ring O Bells as an Assets of Community Value.


6.         To receive a report and update regarding the retirement of the Clerk and appointment of a new clerk.


7.         To receive an update on the Notice of Vacancy in Office of councillor


8.         Correspondence

·        Emails received from parishioners regarding the hedge and bank at Mendip

Orchard.  All emails have been circulated to councillors. To be discussed at Agenda Item 17.


9.         Budget for 2021/22

1.      To receive a Payments and Receipts Account to 31 December 2020

2.      To receive and agree any changes to the 2021/22 budget from Working Parties

3.      To confirm changes to the budget for 2021/22.


10.       2021/22 Budget

1.  To formally agree the 2021/22 budget.



11.       The Parish Precept for 2021/22

  1. To consider the Parish Precept for 2021/22


12.       To formally approve the Parish Precept for 2021/22

            The Chairman to sign the B&NES Parish Precept Requirements for 2021/22


13.       Finance and Payments


To receive

Confirmation that Bank Reconciliations covering April – December 2020 have been signed       



Cheque No

Cheque signed by




VAT Reclaim

Payee and Description






Transfer of funds from NatWest to Unity Trust Bank. - PAID












Primrose Garden Maintenance – Hedge Trim Leamon Cottage - PAID






Mrs E Griffiths – Salary for January 2021.






Zoom – Monthly fee


14.       To receive an update on online banking.


15.       To receive an update on the possible formation of a Community Speedwatch Scheme for Compton Martin.


16.       To receive further updates regarding:


  1. The Climate and Nature Emergency Working Party
  2. The Coronavirus Support Network in Compton Martin
  3. PCAA
  4. To receive an update regarding the painting of the Village Pump
  5. To receive an update regarding the

·        Treeworks on Coombe View

·        Recent request received from a parishioner regarding the supply trees and a bench


17        To receive an update regarding the hedge and bank at Mendip Orchard


      To consider the Parish Council’s response to correspondence received from parishioners.


18.       Planning Applications


1.         To consider and comment on the following B&NES Planning Decisions received:


1.      20/03304/FUL – Mr P Durbin, Bickfield Farm, Bickfield Lane – erection of an agricultural building to form a milking parlour complex with associated works. PENDING

2.      20.03305/FUL – Mr P Durbin, Bickfield Farm – erection of an agricultural building to be used as a collecting yard with associated works.  PENDING

3.      20/03264/FUL – Mr P Durbin, Bickfield Farm, erection of an agricultural building to be used as a calving yard with associated works. PENDING

4.      20/04311/FUL – Orchard Lodge, Highfield Lane, Compton Martin.  Erection of a ground level swimming pool (outdoor and open air) and open sided pool house in the garden.  PENDING

5.      20/03113/LBA – The Willows, Bickfield Lane, Compton Martin, Bristol – External Works comprising the replacement of windows, front door and patio doors. PENDING

6.      20/04151/FUL – Greenacres Farm, Bristol Road, Compton Martin.  Erection of a building for a garage and an annexe following removal of stables.  (Resubmission) PENDING


2.   To receive a report from the Planning Working Party and consider their recommendations regarding the following Planning Applications.


  • 20/04754/FUL – Laurel Cottage, The Coombe, Compton Martin – Enlargement of existing garage and erection of reinforced concrete platform over garage, with the possibility of adding a temporary Shepherd’s Hut structure on top.  Mr J Hill.


  • 20/04854/FUL – Greenacres Poultry Farm, Erection of an agricultural workers dwelling.  Mr T Wood.


3.  Planning Applications received by the Parish Council which will be considered at the 8th

February 2021 Parish Council Meeting.


  • 20/04958/FUL – Denham, Yew Tree Lane, Compton Martin – Erection of a single storey rear extension to single family dwellinghouse. Mr and Mrs Robert Shore. N.B – EXTENSION OF TIME GRANTED


  • 20/04960/FUL – Coombe Lea, The Street, Compton Martin – Addition of first floor to existing bungalow – Luke Woolfenden. N.B – EXTENSION OF TIME GRANTED


4. The Clerk to update on CIL payments received


19. Update from District Councillor Victor Pritchard


20. Date of the next Parish Council Meeting

·        All meetings to be held remotely until further notice.


                        8 February 2021

                        8 March 2021 



5 January 2021